Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Picture Catch Up...

Bug at her Christmas party

Aunt Bec's graduation

Ready for the church Christmas program

The Children's Chior with Miss L

Gingerbread mania

Computer problems getting better, but not the best!
Stay warm out there...calling for more snow tomorrow!
Post Christmas post soon.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Ok, it's been a while.  Experiencing major computer issues lately.  Evidently I've cram packed the trusty laptop so full of pictures i've never printed and Itunes that it refuses to take on any more.  That, combined with the fact Hubs and I got iphone's the week of thanksgiving (he's been asking for months and I inadvertantly killed my beloved oldschool blackberry) and have been using them for email, the blog has been forced to the back burner for awhile.  Tragic...yes, but we've just been too busy to mess with computer memory...

So, here's our little holiday recap for those of you (if there are any left still checking in with us during the pause) who have been wondering what we're up to!

Little baby niece is doing great!  My kids love her and Hubs has decided he his her namesake and is very partial (their irl names are only one letter different)...he went so far Sunday to steal her away from one of our friends for some snuggles!  I'm cautiously optimistic he might catch the bug :)  The general concensus (after reviewing ACE's baby pics) is that her hair is identical to what his was when he was born, and that we now have a redhead girl in the family!!

Bug and ACE have been LOVING Christmas this year, and for the first time in a am I!  Holidays are usually very stressful for our family due to our crazy work schedules.  This year will be the first time since Bug was a baby that Hubs and I will both be off for Christmas Eve and Christmas day!  The added bonus has been that we are settled into the new house where we have plenty of room for the tree, presents, and lots of baking!  This year we don't have to worry about where presents will go or tell grandparents that if they buy something stays at their house! 

Bug has enjoyed being off of school this week.  She was the primary tree decorator this year, and I let her at it...she was through the roof excited late last week when I came home with a new Christmas tree base that makes your tree spin slowly!!  One of our great friends has a spinning Christmas tree and it was love at first sight for Bug...she talked about it nonstop after seeing it and repeated over and over how great it would be if our tree spun too!

Ace has just been a never ending source of hilarious lately!  His personality has really exploded the last few months!  He cracks us up with his demonstration of the "bow ting" he wants for Christmas, and Hubs and I about lost it when he pronounced (after arriving home from a trip "in town" with Hubs) that Santa had stolen his Transformer bike from Wal-Mart!  For months he has had his eye on the Transformer bicycle in our local Wal-Mart...has to see it every time he goes, has asked for it constantly...and last week it was GONE!  It cracked us up that he would think Santa took it!!  Only time will tell if it shows back up ;)

Both kids have been counting down to Christmas with thier Advent Calendars!  It's a huge ordeal for them to search for the numbers on thier calendars find the little piece of chocolate behind them everyday.  Ace gets very impatient and has been caught climbing onto the counters in the kitchen trying to reach his calendar while Bug was at school. (We finally had to put them on top of the cabinets so he couldn't get to them.)   Tuesday we made gingerbread cookies for Santa and decorated them up fancy for Santa!!  Wait til you see how creative everybody was! We've got some crazy men.

Monday we headed out to the "big mall" oot where they have an amazing Santa...Bug was all over it, did great...Ace talked a big game, but as soon as we arrived at the front of the line, dug his heels in big time.  Hubs and I decided to spare ourselves a little drama, and we now have a lovely pic of Santa and Ace.  Maybe next year.

I guess the only thing left to report for now is our "vacation" last weekend!  We all loaded up and headed to watch Aunt Bec graduate college and move her back home!!!  We are so proud of her accomplishments (she graduated a semester early), and over the top excited that she's back home!!  She'll be taking a break this semester to plan her wedding, apply to grad school, and get lots of loving stored up from all the kids.  Who knows where she and Kris will end up next year?  We'll just enjoy her while she's here!

Ok, so we've been busy! (if you couldn't already tell by this rambling, random post) :) As soon as possible I'll try to add a picture journey to our crazy month.

Until then...we'll be soaking up all the magic, excitement, and true meaning of Christmas with our family and friends.  We are truly thankful for all of the blessings God has poured on our family this year, he is truly faithful!  Thank-you for sharing our journey this year...we are very excited to see what 2010 will bring to our family!

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Love from,
ME, Hubs, Bug and Ace

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Good Day...

A really, really good day.
Today, our family got to meet this girl...

She's gorgeous, perfect, sweet, and the newest member of our family!
Bug and Ace proudly announce their new little cousin B!
And it even looks like she'll be the first redheaded girl in the family since Grammy!
Congrats JJ and Christel!
You've loved our kids so much, we can't wait to return the favor, you'll be great parents!