Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Snatcher...

So, one of my fearless co-workers, after a hard week at work, some of which was spent by Labor nurses wanting to beat their heads against a wall, vented blogged...
I just want to send out a good old fashioned baptist AMEN from the back of the pews.
I hate weeks that end up more frustrating than rewarding...
then I read the first chapter of this book and was put in my place.
Lets just say this heart is being worked on and my brain is being blown by some of the directions life could take.

In other news...
apparently, after 3 years of randomly blogging about our little-ole-life, I have reached my maximum number of pictures or gigabytes or mega pixels or something.
The short of it is that I can't post pics right now.
But fret not.
There is a big celebration at my place that will have to be blogged about...
so I'll fix it.
It's not every day that somebody awesome graduates from "dead school"!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eight Years...

It's been EIGHT years.
Eight years since we waited through a twenty EIGHT hour labor.
A beautiful, black headed EIGHT lb 5 oz baby.
(never really noticed how silly the word EIGHT is til I typed it so much)
We celebrated by bowling.

Bug, you are beautiful
perfectly lovely.
You have a boyfriend
love dancing
learned how to finally ride your bike and to roller skate!

We love you so much! 
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 months

You Are 10 (ish) months old!
See that smile?
You wear it about 97.6% of the time!
You are just a wonderful little boy.

This month has been super busy, yet fairly well blogged, so this will be a quickie...
This month you:
went to the bluebonnets
saw the butterflies
had your first Easter
went to your Aunt Bec's baby shower
(this is how you kept yourself busy)
it's why mommy keeps her bag full ;)
You loved on your Granmother
 You love Granmother!
You've been to a lot of baseball games and
eaten a lot of dirt while we planted flowers and veggies in the gardens.

You weigh about 20 lbs
are wearing mostly 12mo clothes
(for the length)
You are a swift and professional crawler,
and don't seem too interested in walking yet.
You get where you need to go pretty quickly without it.
Mom doesn't mind that at all.
You are growing so big, so fast!
And, your constant companion Libby,
well, she tolerates you, but always finds a way to sneak in your pics.
You enjoy pulling on her beard and tackling her when she least expects it.
Daddy says you play tug of war with her favorite ball and frog toy too!

Keep growing big boy,
you bring so much joy to our whole family!

The Blog Police Called...

The bloggy patrol called me out yesterday :)
Our fabulous reader Granny Lin wanted to know where her 10 mo blog post was.
Well Granny Lin...
hang tight.
The camera and computer are in the same place at the same time, so we're gonna get busy!