Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dancing Queen!

Well, last night we couldn't have been prouder! After a grueling 5 hr rehearsal thurs. night we wraped up dance this year with Bug's 2nd Spring Recital. The first pic is her backstage before her first dance "The Telephone Dance" (For all of doubters out there, I'll proudly let everybody know that the fabulous balerina bun on that head is complements of me! A special thank-you is in order for the makers of Big Sexy Hair...your products incredible hold saved me!)
Onstage with some of her class. I loved that you could just tell how much fun she has dancing on stage! She's been going on and on for weeks about dancing on the "Big Stage"!
Backstage again with our personal hair and makeup girl, Aunt Christel (yes, we had to call in the pro for the curly, pulled back do! Christel, we owe you a huge thank-you for all of your help, you're going to make the best, most creative stage mom in history!
Another live action shot...this is the "Fireman Cha Cha!"
Bug with Hubs after the recital! I'm pretty sure this might be her favorite part of dancing, she LOVEs her flowers and all of the special attention.

With Granny and Poppy,

A quick family shot! ACE is, among other things, very, very camera is a rare occasion to get a pic of him not trying to hide from the camera!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing Mc D's cakes...

That would be "ME, Christel and Debra's" cake decorating company! (kidding of course, I'm pretty sure it will just be "Christel's Cakes"! )
Mom, Christel, Lisa and I just wrapped up "Wilton's Course 2 Basic Cake Decorating" with our fabulous teacher Sheryl who is serious about cakes...very, very serious! We were quite a row of students.

Tonight was a culmination of 3 weeks of flower making and saving for the finale basket weave cake!

This is the "before" shot...

Some live action cake decorating...

drum roll please....
our after pics!!

If I was "blog smarter" I would now post a link or pic of what the cakes looked like in the book...but on second thought, I don't want anybody peeing their pants laughing at our efforts. We are pretty stinkin proud of ourselves right now!

Memorial Day fun...

It's a little late, but just wanted to put up some of the pics from our Memorial Day activities!

We were able to get together with my brothers and their families at Mom and Dad's house. Brad grilled up some deer burgers, hotdogs, and sausage (and did a fantabulous job too, btw!), we had a fun dinner and then...

it was time to break out the "sip-n-side" (ACE for "Slip and Slide")

Some of the more industrious folks raided the garage for the old bikes...

That's my man!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday too!

I leave you all with my fav pic of the night!

Looks like he's headed for a career in plumbing!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Look out Kindergarten...

Here she comes!!

Thursday was the offical day for Kindergarten preregistration... dom, dom dom...

It's been rapidly approaching, I've tried to put it off, tried to convince her that preschool is awesome, she doesn't need kindergarten, but try as I may we had to do it. So, Thursday after lunch, we gathered our required papers and headed off. One hour and piles of forms later, she's officially a registered Kindergartener!

Now of course, not to be out done, ACE informed several people (holding out 5 fingers in front of him) that "I'm 5, I go Kindergarten too!"

The funniest part of our day came during our preparation...

We needed a copy of BUGs birth certificate to take with us, so I called my dad, who has been keeping it in his big safe. BUG was in the car when I called my dad to make sure he had taken it out for me...he said he had forgotten...but he would go by after lunch with Nana and get it out.

as soon as I hang up...

BUG: "Who was that?"

ME: "Grandpa"

BUG: "What did you ask him?"

Me: "He has my copy of your birth certificate in his safe, he's going to get it out so we can take it to kindergarten registration."

BUG: "Then I can go to kindergarten?"

ME: "Well, yes, when it starts in August you'll be able to start kindergarten"

...she goes back to tormenting ACE...

A little later, we're sitting at a booth in Chick-fil-a, eating lunch, when our friend Johnny stops by to check on us...we make small are the kids, how's your know...when out of the blue BUG spurts out...

"Hey Johnny guess what, I'm 5, and my grandpa is going to his house and is going to get my "ticket" to kindergarten right out of his safe, and guess what...then I'm going to kindergarten...isn't that cool!"

Never a dull moment!

Big Boy "Unnerwear"

I publish this only as accountability...ACE has made a huge step, and is happy to tell anyone who will listen that (and this is translated for your benefit) "I went to Target and we bought me big boy underwear...spiderman (which we acctually didn't get), Cars and Diego underwear"

That's baby has decided he wants to use the big potty. *insert tears here*

The problem is, he just doesn't quite "get it" just yet, but here we go...we're gonna start.

"Miss Matter of Fact"

"Miss Matter-of-Fact" is what my MIL (mother-in-law) affectionately calls 5yo BUG. She has a way with words and phrases like no one I've ever met, I just wonder sometimes where it comes from.
Wed night as we're winding down she's laying in her bed, lights out, while ACE and HUBS are rocking in the living room (a concession we're having to make since the passy has vanished from our very presence) I walk by and notice that she's being quiet but is still wide awake playing with a doll...

ME: "Hey, do you want me to turn on your bedtime music?" (Vivaldi's Season's)

BUG: "Why yes, that would be, and I think I'll take some more milk and a backscratch too!" She's a girl who knows what she wants, gotta give her that.

So I refill the milk, start up Vivaldi and go sit by her bed, where she rolls over ready for a back scratch...

BUG:"You know mom, Gram does this for me every night at her house, she's a really good back scratcher, did she teach you how to back scratch, when you get bigger maybe you'll back scratch just as good as Gram, did you know that Aunt Bec used to ask for back scratches too, sometimes she likes them now..."

I'm pretty sure she didn't take one single breath the entire time.

Tonight while going to bed at Gram's (after of course, I've explained twice that it's time for all kids to be in bed because I've got to get in the shower and go to work)

BUG: "Hey mom, are you going to lay down in bed with me while I go to sleep?...cause if your not, I'm going to have to go in there and get Gram right now, cause she'll lay down with me." Gram...if you're out there, I hope you feel as special as I do insignificant!:)

I guess there's some things that only Gram can do right!

Friday, May 15, 2009

And so, I BLOG...

As an ongoing and self proclaimed "blog stalker" I officially decide to BLOG myself. Life seems to be flying by me at an unprecidented rate here begins my attempt to document it. Just a quick warning...I'm weird, random, and ramble a lot! Hope you enjoy!