Friday, May 22, 2009

Look out Kindergarten...

Here she comes!!

Thursday was the offical day for Kindergarten preregistration... dom, dom dom...

It's been rapidly approaching, I've tried to put it off, tried to convince her that preschool is awesome, she doesn't need kindergarten, but try as I may we had to do it. So, Thursday after lunch, we gathered our required papers and headed off. One hour and piles of forms later, she's officially a registered Kindergartener!

Now of course, not to be out done, ACE informed several people (holding out 5 fingers in front of him) that "I'm 5, I go Kindergarten too!"

The funniest part of our day came during our preparation...

We needed a copy of BUGs birth certificate to take with us, so I called my dad, who has been keeping it in his big safe. BUG was in the car when I called my dad to make sure he had taken it out for me...he said he had forgotten...but he would go by after lunch with Nana and get it out.

as soon as I hang up...

BUG: "Who was that?"

ME: "Grandpa"

BUG: "What did you ask him?"

Me: "He has my copy of your birth certificate in his safe, he's going to get it out so we can take it to kindergarten registration."

BUG: "Then I can go to kindergarten?"

ME: "Well, yes, when it starts in August you'll be able to start kindergarten"

...she goes back to tormenting ACE...

A little later, we're sitting at a booth in Chick-fil-a, eating lunch, when our friend Johnny stops by to check on us...we make small are the kids, how's your know...when out of the blue BUG spurts out...

"Hey Johnny guess what, I'm 5, and my grandpa is going to his house and is going to get my "ticket" to kindergarten right out of his safe, and guess what...then I'm going to kindergarten...isn't that cool!"

Never a dull moment!

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