Friday, May 22, 2009

"Miss Matter of Fact"

"Miss Matter-of-Fact" is what my MIL (mother-in-law) affectionately calls 5yo BUG. She has a way with words and phrases like no one I've ever met, I just wonder sometimes where it comes from.
Wed night as we're winding down she's laying in her bed, lights out, while ACE and HUBS are rocking in the living room (a concession we're having to make since the passy has vanished from our very presence) I walk by and notice that she's being quiet but is still wide awake playing with a doll...

ME: "Hey, do you want me to turn on your bedtime music?" (Vivaldi's Season's)

BUG: "Why yes, that would be, and I think I'll take some more milk and a backscratch too!" She's a girl who knows what she wants, gotta give her that.

So I refill the milk, start up Vivaldi and go sit by her bed, where she rolls over ready for a back scratch...

BUG:"You know mom, Gram does this for me every night at her house, she's a really good back scratcher, did she teach you how to back scratch, when you get bigger maybe you'll back scratch just as good as Gram, did you know that Aunt Bec used to ask for back scratches too, sometimes she likes them now..."

I'm pretty sure she didn't take one single breath the entire time.

Tonight while going to bed at Gram's (after of course, I've explained twice that it's time for all kids to be in bed because I've got to get in the shower and go to work)

BUG: "Hey mom, are you going to lay down in bed with me while I go to sleep?...cause if your not, I'm going to have to go in there and get Gram right now, cause she'll lay down with me." Gram...if you're out there, I hope you feel as special as I do insignificant!:)

I guess there's some things that only Gram can do right!

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