Monday, November 19, 2012


It's not Thanksgiving yet.
I've joked that I felt cheated out of the month of October, and November seems to be a race.
It crossed my mind to post something I'm thankful for every day like those crazy facebookers, but it was just a second and I giggled a little.

Recently being thankful was brought to a sobering and heartbreaking reality.
A friend and her family are walking a road that we all fear as parents, grandparents, as humans.
Things can change so absolutely and without warning.
As a Christian I know without a shadow of a doubt that our God is big, has a plan, gives us promise of hope and future.
There are no promises of understanding.
No guarantee that heartbreak will pass us by.

This week I hold my kids closer.
I appreciate the mess
the chaos
the laundry that never ends
the penny pinching
the goofy questions
the quirks that make each so individual and unique.

I hold them close, because tomorrow isn't promised.
Lifting my heart to the Lord tonight.
I have much to be thankful for.
"Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King.  His love endures forever."


Behind again...surprise, surprise!
Here's a quick peek at our Halloween...
the boys went we as Duck Commanders!
 and as hard as we tried to get Bug to be Miss Kay,
she insisted on Tinkerbell...
 Sweet girl joined in on the Fairy look!
I mad the boys beards from a free pattern online.
Ace wore his reluctantly.
 Sadly, I had to work, so here's the gang passing out candy at Grams.