Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes, I am totally behind...

Big Surprise!

We've had lots of things going on recently, it's the time of the year to be busy I guess!

So, I talked to my Granmother tonight on the way home from church and she asked me "So any crazy kid stories for me today??"  Hmm, I can't really think of when my kids aren't crazy, but it reminded me of a funny conversation with Bug recently...and, it made Granmother giggle, and me giggle, so I figured I'd share with you all too!

Recently, since the weather is getting nice and 50 lbs won't seem to fall off of me while knitting, reading or sleeping, the kids and I have been "going on walks" which involves them riding their bikes and me walking along...usually pushing them up hills, threatening to leave the next person that randomly quits pedaling behind, and offering to feed the next boy who runs into his sister's bike at full speed when she quits pedaling to the next dog we see...great fun, and exercise all in one!  :)

Anyways, we're walking the other night after dinner and just finished a small hill when Bug stops pedaling and the following conversation happens:
 Bug: "WHOO Mom! My heart just started BEATING!"
Me: "Really??"
and being the former cardiac nurse and mother of a 6y.o. who thinks she's got everything figured out thought I could turns this into a lesson.
Me: "Well, actually, your heart is always's just that you are exercising now and your heart is beating faster than normal, so you can probably feel it beating fast."
Bug: "No, it just started beating, I know."

Well, OK...several attempts of trying to change her mind failed, and the we hit a tricky turn (meaning she had to pedal and steer at the same time) and the conversation dropped.

Until, yesterday on the way to Gram's house...

Bug: "Well lookie there mom, those people are out for a stroll, getting their exercise!"
Me: "Yes"
Bug: "I wonder if their hearts have starting beating yet?"

I'm ashamed to say, I just nodded and told her I didn't seems that no matter what you try with her, she knows better...and no, Gram, I have no idea where she gets it from.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movie Man...

We recently spent an afternoon at the movies.
Our whole family gives the new "dragon movie" 2 thumbs up!
Because I know that our oppinion matters to you :)
I know that the quailty is poor, but I found this pic hillarious!

But not quite hillarious as when I looked over to see his entire head burried in the popcorn bucket.
Evidently he ate so much popcorn that his arms were too tired to reach into the bucket and pick up any more!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening Lesson Learned...

Be careful what you ask for...
because Hubs isn't afraid of making you work hard to get it!

About 2 wheelbarrows of dirt into Monday I came to a shocking revelation...
Gardening is hard work!

Go ahead, get your giggles out now.
Have a laugh at my expense.
I don't mind.

We started our gardening adventure about a month ago by buying a tiller
I have no idea if that's how you spell that, btw.
It looks kind of funny.
And, speaking of revelations...
who knew there were so many different tillers?
Not me!

So, we got the fancy tiller, and Hubs has been randomly tilling up a garden spot at the back of our yard.
Ace's favorite part...
Putting "cow poop" in the yard.

In addition to the regular garden, Hubs built a couple of "raised beds" that required extra dirt...
the kids loved the dump truck delivering our dirt,
both sat on the trampoline in awe!
Very exciting stuff!
(and yes, sorry for being stupid uneducated about such things, but who knew that there were so many dirts to choose from??...thankfully Hubs knew what we needed!)
They were quickly off of the trampoline with their shiney new shovels!
And now...
biggest gardening revelation of the week...
I fully understood

why it's handy

to have kids...

and could have used a couple more!

They were very helpful!
Ace never stopped until we were finished with the dirt.
Even while we took a dinner break, he hurried through his food and couldn't quit talking about getting that dirt moved!

Bug, however, was good for about 30 min...after which we found her face down on the trampoline...
lamenting over how tired she was, and how she just wanted to go to bed and not shovel any more dirt!

We've worked hard, the kids and I have learned a lot (and I'm sure we have a lot more learning headed our way), but we sure have had fun doing it!
We can't wait to start seeing all of our hard work sprout up!

But, of course, I've heard rumblings of weeds and attracting snakes and the possibility of a total garden, I'll keep you posted...
and anybody who enjoys pulling weeds, please stop by :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Berry much fun!

I thought it would be a fun, family activity to have a garden this year...
you know, since we have somewhere to put one now.

We have been having a fun, hardworking time.

Last week we started with some blueberry and blackberry plants along the "dog yard" fence.
One of our fav summer activities is going to a local berry patch and picking berries, so the kids were very excited about having their own berries at home!
While digging our holes Hubs came across this monster...
the Uberworm!
Yes, worm, not snake!

It was, to quote Bec
"a worm of epic proportions"

We quickly returned him to the dirt...

and said our goodbyes.
Encouraging him to continue his path in life!

And now, despite the consequences...
a random pic of Hubs!

Our hero worm catcher and hole digging extrordinaire!
Because, we just need a little more Hubs around here...our blog is lost without him :)
And no, honey, in advance...I will not take your picture off of my blog!

More gardening to come...
because I just realized this whole post veered off course into a worm exhibit...
so sorry!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Our family had a lot of fun this Easter!
This is the first year that the kids have really started to understand why we celebrate and helped out a lot with preparations!

Funny random story...
Ace recently got his President's day and Easter story mixed up.
He randomly and very excitedly proclaimed the other day that
"Jesus, he got up on that cross, and somebody shot him in da head, shot him dead, and he died for his sins, and then them guys put him in da grave, and you know what mom...
he wrolled tha stone away (insert large hand gesture over his head from right to left)!"
I quickly cleared up the confusion over Abe Lincoln and Jesus and reminded him how thankful we are that Jesus didn't have sins and died to save us from ours!

Anyways, we had a great Easter sunday!

Here's Ace and Bug in their new outfits.
They each picked out their own stuff this year!

So cute!

They both participated in singing with the childrens's chior during church!

Then we headed to Granmother's for lunch and a big easter egg hunt!

Tons of fun was had by all!
And, I'm pretty sure we'll have to watch out for this one next year...

She loved her eggs!

The only bad thing...I remembered after the kids had changed, that I didn't get a family picture...
so, Bec snapped this for me...

Not really the same, but, I guess we'll be glad to have the memory later!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Beach...

I know it's been a few weeks since our trip,
but I've got to share a few of my fav pics from our morning at the beach!

I showed off my fav feet last week
(more for Gram than anything...
random fact about Gram,
she loves little feet!)

But, we had a fun time at the Padre Island beach with BFF, her boys, Aunt Christel, baby B and BFF's inlaws.

Here's a few of our memories...
Not really a comforting message.
Especially when your skittish kindergartener is starting to read!

It was cold and windy...we were all barefooted with jackets :)

my hardworker

Sometimes I love that he can't stay still...only sometimes!

Only boys find this neat and not creepy!

If only for one pic everybody could just PLEASE look at the camera!

This was our one glimpse of the sun...
before being run of the beach by a thunderstorm.

BFF found these cute kites for all of the kids!
They loved them!
Until the lightning started and we had to run to the cars!
We made it back just in time.

So, we felt a little cheated on our beach experience...
the kids and I are now bugging Hubs to death about a return visit...
one including warmth, sunshine and sandcastles!
I think we're wearing him down!

Here's my last 2 favs!

She has got to be the cutest thing that's happened!
Well, happened since these two...