Friday, April 9, 2010


Our family had a lot of fun this Easter!
This is the first year that the kids have really started to understand why we celebrate and helped out a lot with preparations!

Funny random story...
Ace recently got his President's day and Easter story mixed up.
He randomly and very excitedly proclaimed the other day that
"Jesus, he got up on that cross, and somebody shot him in da head, shot him dead, and he died for his sins, and then them guys put him in da grave, and you know what mom...
he wrolled tha stone away (insert large hand gesture over his head from right to left)!"
I quickly cleared up the confusion over Abe Lincoln and Jesus and reminded him how thankful we are that Jesus didn't have sins and died to save us from ours!

Anyways, we had a great Easter sunday!

Here's Ace and Bug in their new outfits.
They each picked out their own stuff this year!

So cute!

They both participated in singing with the childrens's chior during church!

Then we headed to Granmother's for lunch and a big easter egg hunt!

Tons of fun was had by all!
And, I'm pretty sure we'll have to watch out for this one next year...

She loved her eggs!

The only bad thing...I remembered after the kids had changed, that I didn't get a family picture...
so, Bec snapped this for me...

Not really the same, but, I guess we'll be glad to have the memory later!

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