Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening Lesson Learned...

Be careful what you ask for...
because Hubs isn't afraid of making you work hard to get it!

About 2 wheelbarrows of dirt into Monday I came to a shocking revelation...
Gardening is hard work!

Go ahead, get your giggles out now.
Have a laugh at my expense.
I don't mind.

We started our gardening adventure about a month ago by buying a tiller
I have no idea if that's how you spell that, btw.
It looks kind of funny.
And, speaking of revelations...
who knew there were so many different tillers?
Not me!

So, we got the fancy tiller, and Hubs has been randomly tilling up a garden spot at the back of our yard.
Ace's favorite part...
Putting "cow poop" in the yard.

In addition to the regular garden, Hubs built a couple of "raised beds" that required extra dirt...
the kids loved the dump truck delivering our dirt,
both sat on the trampoline in awe!
Very exciting stuff!
(and yes, sorry for being stupid uneducated about such things, but who knew that there were so many dirts to choose from??...thankfully Hubs knew what we needed!)
They were quickly off of the trampoline with their shiney new shovels!
And now...
biggest gardening revelation of the week...
I fully understood

why it's handy

to have kids...

and could have used a couple more!

They were very helpful!
Ace never stopped until we were finished with the dirt.
Even while we took a dinner break, he hurried through his food and couldn't quit talking about getting that dirt moved!

Bug, however, was good for about 30 min...after which we found her face down on the trampoline...
lamenting over how tired she was, and how she just wanted to go to bed and not shovel any more dirt!

We've worked hard, the kids and I have learned a lot (and I'm sure we have a lot more learning headed our way), but we sure have had fun doing it!
We can't wait to start seeing all of our hard work sprout up!

But, of course, I've heard rumblings of weeds and attracting snakes and the possibility of a total garden, I'll keep you posted...
and anybody who enjoys pulling weeds, please stop by :)

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