Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Months...

Dang you, Carlos...
You are 7 months old.
Slow it down a bit...
mommy's getting a little flabbergasted.
I mean, geez, you're even holding your own sign...
Why are you so grown up lately??
This week you are 18.5lbs
and 28in long.

You are still happy about 95% of the time.
You have found your voice.
You giggle
You eat...a lot!
You still love all of the normal stuff, but now love yogurt, oatmeal with your fruit, and even like mango's and prunes :)
You move a lot.
You have a crawling technique that cracks me up...
and you can get to where you want to go pretty quick!
You've also learned to go from "crawling" to sitting all by yourself.
You had your first Christmas and New Year.
And, guess what...
They still love ya!

disclaimer...this post was shortened in an attempt to actually post it.
Sorry for the lack of pictures.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm behind...
I logged in today to do a 7mo post, 
lo and behold there's only been one teeny post since 6mo.
Job for the weekend...
catch up.
Just a warning, I've got some deep stuff in my brain.
Still not sure if it'll make it from drafts to public, but I've gotta get it out.

But, for today I'll throw out a few Christmas pics I just realized never made it out of the camera.  I've never claimed to be on top of it.

Gingerbread houses
somebody unwrapped their first present
one of the Uncle J's with the kids
(I think 3 kids looks good on him...hint, hint)
Gram and Grandpa's scary smart idea...
I mean, what respectable kid hasn't had a Red Rider??

We had a great Christmas!
As always, it was filled to the brim with family, food and presents.