Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today was a great day!!

Today was a great day!
Today was my bday...29th...
Today somebody forgot to remind ACE that sleeping in was mandatory
Today I was totally blessed by delivering lunches to 23 very grateful and smiling kids
Today I ate lunch with Nana and the fam
Today Hubs and I went looking at houses...again
Today the Beatles sang me Happy Birthday!!
...Ok, maybe not the real Beatles, but close enough...
Hubs was nice enough to take the kids to Kroger and let them pick out a bday cake for me...

And they also picked me up some "Sparkly Jewels" that Bug insisted I "HAD TO HAVE"....

Then she proceeded to wear them the rest of the day...

We wrapped up our day at Hot Summer Nights (a family friendly concert series our city sponsors during the summers on Thurs nights) and I sang along to all my fav Beatles songs!!!

We had the best time at the concert...the band, that mostly sang Beatles songs, was amazing...the weather was beautiful and the kids danced and played so hard, they never got out of bed tonight!!
What could make a girls bday any better, you ask??
Hubs and the kids surprised me last week with a brand spankin' new Amazon Kindle!!
That's right I have the most amazing Hubs ever!!
I totally love my Kindle, and have really enjoyed some great books since getting it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Bill...

We'll miss you!

We were sad to learn that Mr. Bill, our neighbor from across the street, is moving down to Houston to live with his daughter.

Mr. Bill is a good Christian man with a knack for gardening and people, we will really miss him!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember this...

now we have this

what a difference a month makes!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The ditch...

For some reason, when Hubs mentioned a little sewer work at Memaw's house Saturday, I envisioned a little trench, a little pipe...then viola, we're done!

It never crossed my mind that I would look up from my book...
and see this...

for those who don't know...Hubs is over 6ft tall!!
Of course, with help like this...

and this...

and especially this...

The job got done!
Memaw got a new sewer line, Hubs and Poppy saved her a lot of $$, the kids got a kiddy pool (thanks to Granny), and me...well, I brought pineapple, kept the kids out of the hole, "supervised" nap time, taught Ace how to pee in the grass ahem, rough it, and kept the kids from hitting each other with shovels!
Sadly, Memaw's beautiful front yard with St. Augustine grass will be missed...I guess there's a price to pay for a good flushing toilet!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crocodile Dock...updated

Wanted to try to add a funny video of ACE "Getting Down" in VBS...

(Sorry it's sideways!)

This week is crazy, this week is hectic, this week has been absolutely without a doubt fulfilling! Bug had been counting down the "sleeps" for over a week until Vacation Bible School! (For those who don't know...Bug has picked up a quirk from Aunt don't count "days until..." you count down by how many more times you sleep before something big!)
This is the actual "dock" in our fellowship hall where "Miss Linda" lead in our songs every night...

We have really enjoyed this years VBS, Group's Crocodile Dock! The kids have learned to "FEAR NOT!" because God is always in control.

That's Bug's registration pic...seems to be the only pic of her I managed...more later, we're off to dig ditches at Memaw's house!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

ACE appears to have picked up one of Bug's bad habits!
Taking pics of himself!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh so funny...

My friend Lori at work passed me this blog address this weekend (she loves food blogs) and we literally sat in our chairs for 30 minutes crying, we were laughing so hard! Check it out if you have a few minutes, and please let me know if you find it as funny as we did (we do find, that occasionally, some things are only/more funny at 2am)!

It is a picture compilation (but don't skip the captions) of cakes gone best as I can tell, they are all real life mess ups that are HILARIOUS!


Friday, July 17, 2009

My, my...

Dear Eyemart Express,

I'd just like to thank-you for the handy warranty offered with the purchase of new eye wear at your store. It is lovely! Our family found it especially helpful this past Wed. when my daughters glasses went up against my dad's lawnmower...we're now the proud owners of a shiny new pair of black rimmed glasses.

Thanks again,

Bug and ME

Yup, new glasses this week! Bug was a little disappointed that she didn't get to pick out a different pair (she wanted some with the nose "thingy's" like mine), but got a kick out of showing everybody the bag full of small pieces I managed to pick out of the grass and telling everybody "the lawnmower ATE THEM!...but I'm pretty sure my Grandpa can fix them". Sorry honey, some things even Grandpa can't fix!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No kids were actually harmed...

...making this dialogue up...
Set the stage: I'm blog stalking in my room...Ace runs in to my doorway holding a green play knife from their kitchen, they've been cooking...
Ace:"Hey mom, Bug's dead..."
ME: "Really, Bug is dead?"
Ace:" Yup, she dead!"
Bug (from her room): "I'm not really dead mom...just cut real bad with his knife"
ME: "Thanks for clearing that up honey, do you need anything?"
Bug:"No, Ace get back in here!"

I guess if I ask them to play together in their room, and they are actually doing it, without screaming and fighting...I can't be too particular what they play!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Where did he go??

This Chubby Cheeked, sweet baby boy...

Has turned into a Big Boy...

who today

wanted to help fold towels

and then

proceeded to tell me to "put dat camera up...we fold the clothes!"

And just in case your curious, or don't remember...

this one starts kindergarten in Aug...sigh!

Change, change, change...

We're continually working to wrap up a few things with our house to get it ready to sell, not our favorite thing, but it's got to be done.
Earlier this week Hubs was finishing up a few things in the kids room and decided to rearrange it...the kids thought it was great and proceeded to make a royally huge mess...the kind where you don't even try to get them to help you, you just go in with a trash sack and get to it.
That was today **insert very tired, sweaty sigh**
I almost took a pic of said mess...but then I remembered what an awesome, on top of it mom I am and realized that I don't let their room get that, I give you the new, improved, clean room...

I ended up re-rearranging a few things because I just wasn't digging the way the beds were before, and the kids love it...and look, there's carpet on the floor!
Also, for those of you wondering, yes, those are some big boy "unnerwears" on Ace! He's finally decided he likes to go potty!!
P.S. Hope you enjoy the new blog look too...figured while things were changing, why not one more!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to square one...

Found out today that the house we put in a contract on Wednesday is a no go, so looks like we're back to square one. We went in knowing that this was likely, but wanted to try just to see what happened.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chicken Legs!

Ace doesn't really have "chicken legs", his are actually quite plump

but he has learned how to eat them now

and thinks he's pretty cool about it too!

Aunt Bec ate meat!?!

and she'll probably kill me for this post...but I really was just looking for a catchy, out of the blue title...just trying to keep my fav readers on their toes!
Aunt Bec and I have a favorite thing to do on our days off together, which since she lives oot, are very few and far between. On these days we leave after I drop the kids off at preschool, drive to the Woolly Ewe (a specialty yarn/knitting store where we can spend hours touching yarn and looking at patterns), then we head off to Kuby's Sausage House for lunch and German shopping! It's our perfect day, really, knitting and German food wrapped up in catching up on our lives and enjoying each other.
There was just one problem today...noted in the pic preschool today.
People from the Woolly Ewe, you can go ahead and thank me now that I realized that Mr Ace in a yarn store would be an absolute, we cut it down to sleeping in and a late lunch at Kuby's with the kids. They love Aunt Bec so much that they both had to sit in the booth with her! It was a great day!
Thanks Aunt Bec for saying that if I took you to Kuby's you'd eat meat...and for following through, we had a great day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Needing Some Prayers Today...

Just wanted to send a shout out for some extra prayers today...Hubs and I met with our wonderful realtor last night and did something we've been waiting a long time to do...we put in an offer on a house! Anybody who's known us for a while knows this is huge and a long time coming. We've worked really hard remodeling ours and it's almost complete.
The new house could mean big changes, it's in a smaller town, farther away from family, but is a lot bigger than our house right now (over double) and has pretty much everything on our list plus a little extra! Now we are just waiting it out to hear if our offer is excepted. We are really comfortable with whatever happens, we'll be excited if this goes through, but will keep looking if it doesn't! Hope you all have a great day today! We'll be praying for you too!