Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why You Should Listen To Your Husband...

Sometimes, as wives, we just don't listen as well as we could.
We smile and nod, say "OK, sure honey."
Well, from now on I'm going to be a little more careful.

Way back, eons ago, in July, Hubs told me
"This is the Ranger's year.  I need you to know that if they go to the World Series I'm going to buy a big TV and watch them in HD."
Well, I said "OK, sure honey." and never thought about it again.
Hubs brought it up again when the Rangers started playing Tampa Bay in the play offs.
Once again, "OK."
I mean seriously.
I've been a Rangers fan for a big chunk of my life,
we all know that it's fun to go to games, but the win some and loose some, and never get past the first round of the playoffs.
Except, of course, the one time I didn't really want them to.

So, I've heard that facebook (which I do not endorse at all) has been all a-flutter.
I don't think they actually made a group for him, but once Hubs posted this little wager, he's had a lot of people rooting for him.


So, to everybody that's been wondering if I'm good on my word...
I am.
To quote Hubs, here's your 
"55 inches of LED HD Gloriousness"
right in my living room.

He'll be parked here on the couch with buddies tonight by 7pm.
Don't call him, he'll be busy :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Forget the Apple...

Bugs had a loose tooth for weeks.
Just a little know fact about me...
I can't stand wiggley teeth.
I know, I'm a nurse.
I can handle all sorts of grossness, but wiggle a tooth and I'm out!

So, Gram has been our tooth checker and puller of choice.
Well, this morning, Bug would not let Gram close enough to pull it.
I warned her that today was a sleeping day and I could not get up and come to school if something happened.
Much to our surprise, this afternoon at our ritual Braums trip, Bug had quite the surprise after a bite into her icecream cone. (Pistachio Almond in a waffle cone)
That's right!
Just fell out in her cone!
She was very proud and excited.
Here's the new look
(try to ignore the katsup on her face)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What To Do...

What is a Hubs to do when his favorite Rangers have a playoff game and his family has season tickets to the local football game???
What any respectable guy would do...
download the app on his phone,
and beg headphones from his wife.
He'd dedicated!
He even shared :)
for a second.

Here's some more random pics from the night...
(and they say Bug looks like me)
(I don't see it)
And like any good daughter, she tried to take her daddy's mind off the fact that the Rangers game ended tragically!
Such a silly sweet girl!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Day At The "Festival"...

Hubs had to work Sat, and the kids and I decided to go to a local "festival" to watch K&K be scouts in the parade.  Trips without Hubs are always interesting.
But, we can't just sit at home and be bored.
We met up with BFF before the parade, and waited patiently.
Well, Ace woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so there wasn't anything patient about him at all.
We were excited to run into Grumpy Phil!
Grumpy was very nice to hold up Ace, who wasn't tolerating the sirens on the fire engines.
Oh the irony.
That's saying a lot, because Ace tipped the scales at 53lbs at his most recent visit to the pediatrician.
Bug enjoyed the face painting!
After the parade we said by to K&K and headed for the game section...
This is where I came to a big career decision.
For as much at these folk charge a kid,
I need to cash in my retirement and buy inflatables!
Geeze, Louise!
Then it was time for corn dogs and old fashioned root beer!
We had a great time.
The kids were troopers when it came to the long walk back to the car.
A few tips so remember next year...
don't go near the inflatables,
tin cups of root beer get really cold,
2 tin cups of root beer get heavy on the long way back to the car,
bring Hubs, he's good at carrying heavy stuff.
If you feed your kids corn dogs at 1100, the monsters will eat your chocolate stash at home by 230.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Tried To Get Us A Guest Blogger...

But he looked at me like I was stupid.

So, Hubs came home from shopping last Sunday very excited, 
very excited, and going on and on about pictures and my blog.
Call me cornfused!
Usually the only things he says about my blog are complaints about his picture being there...
and accusations of embellishments.
There are none...just so we're straight on that.
Facts only here...
I can't help it if our life is that crazy sometimes.


OK, now for Hubs' story.
He'd been sick, didn't feel up to church, so he dropped off the kids and picked up some groceries I needed for the party later that day.
When he stopped to get gas at the WM he pulled up by the Gator Country truck.
Gator Country has their own show on CMT,
Hubs and the kids love the show
(which I think was named Gator 911, but we're not 100%, and can't agree)
(I know, insert smart comment here....)
Hubs asked the guy if he could take a pic of the truck to show the kids when he picked him up and he said yes, then went' above and beyond...
Check it out...

(I'll bet you guys didn't know Hubs could smile that big!)

Hubs said Gary Saurage was a really nice guy,
he even told Hubs if he could brink the kids to his show later that afternoon, he'd work them into his show!
Unfortunately there was no way they could make it because of Ace's party.

So that's Hubs' story.
We'll just pretend he agreed to guest blog.
Thank-you, dear for thinking of my blog when you saw the Gator Country truck!
We appreciate ya!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Pie...

So, last Monday I wrote a whole whiny post about Ace being sick.
I was bad...involved mucus, vapor rub, and the lengths we go to as moms to heal our people.
I caught myself before I posted it, and eventually deleted it.
You guys don't come here to hear me whine,
I will just casually mention (because it leads into my story) that by Monday afternoon I was ready to join the circus.  Ace was too sick for school, but plenty well enough drive a mommy CRAZY.

So, last Wednesday was Ace's class trip to the pumpkin patch...
except he told BFF all about his trip to "The Pumpkin Pie!"

So, we headed out to "Pumpkin Pie" with his class.
His teachers were very excited to see him after missing 2 days of school.
We had a blast!
We started out by feeding some of the farm animals.
There were longhorns, sheep and goats to feed.

And, I don't think I can ever accurately or adequately shout out my love for Hubs.
He's awesome, and a great dad!
And without him at "Pumpkin Pie"
Ace and I would have donated our food cups to another family.

It wasn't long before he proved that no harm would come to either of us, and we weren't going to loose any fingers showing kindness to God's creations.

But because I like to keep it real here, I'll admit that those sheep were too aggressive for me...and their tongues were too big...I stuck to the small mouthed, non drooling little goats.

So, after we were all out of food, we headed over to the hayride, were we were on the lookout for the hay farmer who had been missing...
and we found him :)
(please know that no farmers were actually harmed at the "Pumpkin Pie")
We wrapped up our day by picking our pumpkins and having a picnic.
And once again we were glad to have Hubs with us.
Boys who have been sick for a week solid like to pick big pumpkins, get gripey quick, and refuse to carry their pumpkins to the car...
The man is amazing!

And now that I've officially mortified Hubs on the WWW I'll leave you with a random tidbit.
I can't remember where I read it recently, but somewhere it said that goats have rectangular irises...I wasn't buying it.

One word for you...
(I did not feed the creepy goats BTW)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Party Animal...

Ace had a great party Sunday night.
Just a small party with our family.
In lieu of candy filled goody bags, this year I decided we'd make candy apples!
The kids loved them, and they were so easy to do!

I had several different toppings layed out in bowls.
We had chopped peanuts, sprinkles, marshmallows, and mini m&m's.
Hubs was in charge of dipping the apples and the kids each decorated their own.
It was a real hit!
After the apples were decorated we moved them to the freezer in the garage to let them set.
Well, almost all of them,
Uncle J couldn't wait.
Evidently I missed the picture of a lifetime when Hubs caught Uncle J in the garage eating his apple :)

Ace was also very excited about his cake.
Granny Lin has a signature bday present...
1 bag of monster cookies,
2 Dr peppers,
$5 in your card.
Mommy loves this present.
Monster cookies are the best.
Well, this year, Ace had different plans.
When Granny Lin asked about what cookies he wanted this year, he threw a curve ball.
He didn't want cookies...
He wanted a "phootball"cake.
He insisted.
So, she did what any respectable Granny Lin would do...
she made that boy his "phootball" cake.
And she did a great job!
He was so proud of his cake.
(and I love his cheesy grin!)
...just got called into work early, TBC...

Monday, October 11, 2010

4 Years Ago Today...

Our family grew by 8 lbs 9oz!
This sweet boy definitely changed our lives!

We were so happy, and very surprised that he decided to arrive 3 weeks early!
Daddy was excited to break record land speeds after he got the call,
Bug was excited to stay the week at Granny and Poppy's,
I thought I was going to get a cute 6 lb early baby.

This boy changed our family.
He was the happiest baby!

Here's 1 yr old
2 years...

and 3...

You have brought us so much joy!
You're a big boy now,
you've gone from 8lbs 9oz to 55 lbs!
You love to eat, run, and do anything outside.
You are always smiling and make us laugh all the time!
Daddy, Bug and I love you so much and can't wait to watch to grow even more!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Facts About Us This Week...

Lately it feels like we've been running around a lot.
I'm guessing we're starting that phase of family life.
Here's a few things we've had going on...

* Ace is sick this week.  He's asking for Zyrtec regularly.
*Bug is taking dance 2 night/week this semester.  She's really missed ballet since her normal class changed to tap/jazz last year, and in a moment of goofiness, I thought doing both would be fun.  She loves it, I'm already sick of driving "into town" already.
*BFF and I are putting our heads together to throw Trunk-r-Treat in our church's neighborhood for Halloween.
*I'm really getting excited about the cotton candy involved.
*Hubs The Great mopped the kitchen floor AND cleaned the garage Wednesday while I was sleeping.
*No ladies, he's not available, and his brother is happily married too.  Should have beat me to him.
*I found out today that we get to take Sweet Girl to our family reunion Sat!!
*Thursday I went to a funeral for a co-worker.  She's one of the nurses that helped train me up from a student nurse to a good nurse.  She's my mom's age.  Ouch.  
*I can not figure out how my kids keep the back of the van sooooo dirty.  I cleaned it out the other night.  ICK!
*Libby seems to have made a full recovery, but I think she may have a little PTSD.  The other night I accidentally tapped her in the face with the laundry bag when I picked it up and she had a little screaming fit.  I felt awful.
*Ace still loves school.
*Bug can't stay out of the nurses office.  I'm embarrassed to say she went during recess the other day for and ice pack for her "booty" after she swung into a pole. She told us it was "really serious."
*Maybe we should get the school nurse a nice gift for Christmas this year
*Ace overheard me telling Hubs the other day about scheduling his 4 year well visit with the pediatrician.
*Last time we went to the pediatrician we had to hold Ace down while they water picked his ear wax impaction out...
*Ace is now telling everybody that asks that he is not going to turn 4 and is not having a birthday party...
because he doesn't want to go to the "DOWKTER"
*Bug is cracking me up lately with random funny faces and bits of 1st grade humor, she's still my "Miss Matter of Fact."  It seems that we will never have to wonder what's going on in that girls brain, she just says it.
*I laughed really hard today because of you tube...if you want some church humor click here and if you want some gross, sick, hilarious humor...well, I just decided not to link that one.  But Gram thought it was hilarious too.