Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Day At The "Festival"...

Hubs had to work Sat, and the kids and I decided to go to a local "festival" to watch K&K be scouts in the parade.  Trips without Hubs are always interesting.
But, we can't just sit at home and be bored.
We met up with BFF before the parade, and waited patiently.
Well, Ace woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so there wasn't anything patient about him at all.
We were excited to run into Grumpy Phil!
Grumpy was very nice to hold up Ace, who wasn't tolerating the sirens on the fire engines.
Oh the irony.
That's saying a lot, because Ace tipped the scales at 53lbs at his most recent visit to the pediatrician.
Bug enjoyed the face painting!
After the parade we said by to K&K and headed for the game section...
This is where I came to a big career decision.
For as much at these folk charge a kid,
I need to cash in my retirement and buy inflatables!
Geeze, Louise!
Then it was time for corn dogs and old fashioned root beer!
We had a great time.
The kids were troopers when it came to the long walk back to the car.
A few tips so remember next year...
don't go near the inflatables,
tin cups of root beer get really cold,
2 tin cups of root beer get heavy on the long way back to the car,
bring Hubs, he's good at carrying heavy stuff.
If you feed your kids corn dogs at 1100, the monsters will eat your chocolate stash at home by 230.

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