Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Pie...

So, last Monday I wrote a whole whiny post about Ace being sick.
I was bad...involved mucus, vapor rub, and the lengths we go to as moms to heal our people.
I caught myself before I posted it, and eventually deleted it.
You guys don't come here to hear me whine,
I will just casually mention (because it leads into my story) that by Monday afternoon I was ready to join the circus.  Ace was too sick for school, but plenty well enough drive a mommy CRAZY.

So, last Wednesday was Ace's class trip to the pumpkin patch...
except he told BFF all about his trip to "The Pumpkin Pie!"

So, we headed out to "Pumpkin Pie" with his class.
His teachers were very excited to see him after missing 2 days of school.
We had a blast!
We started out by feeding some of the farm animals.
There were longhorns, sheep and goats to feed.

And, I don't think I can ever accurately or adequately shout out my love for Hubs.
He's awesome, and a great dad!
And without him at "Pumpkin Pie"
Ace and I would have donated our food cups to another family.

It wasn't long before he proved that no harm would come to either of us, and we weren't going to loose any fingers showing kindness to God's creations.

But because I like to keep it real here, I'll admit that those sheep were too aggressive for me...and their tongues were too big...I stuck to the small mouthed, non drooling little goats.

So, after we were all out of food, we headed over to the hayride, were we were on the lookout for the hay farmer who had been missing...
and we found him :)
(please know that no farmers were actually harmed at the "Pumpkin Pie")
We wrapped up our day by picking our pumpkins and having a picnic.
And once again we were glad to have Hubs with us.
Boys who have been sick for a week solid like to pick big pumpkins, get gripey quick, and refuse to carry their pumpkins to the car...
The man is amazing!

And now that I've officially mortified Hubs on the WWW I'll leave you with a random tidbit.
I can't remember where I read it recently, but somewhere it said that goats have rectangular irises...I wasn't buying it.

One word for you...
(I did not feed the creepy goats BTW)


  1. I love you :-)
    And your goofies!
    Just so you know!

  2. That IS creepy! Goats creep me out anyway, I don't blame you for not feeding them.