Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Facts About Us This Week...

Lately it feels like we've been running around a lot.
I'm guessing we're starting that phase of family life.
Here's a few things we've had going on...

* Ace is sick this week.  He's asking for Zyrtec regularly.
*Bug is taking dance 2 night/week this semester.  She's really missed ballet since her normal class changed to tap/jazz last year, and in a moment of goofiness, I thought doing both would be fun.  She loves it, I'm already sick of driving "into town" already.
*BFF and I are putting our heads together to throw Trunk-r-Treat in our church's neighborhood for Halloween.
*I'm really getting excited about the cotton candy involved.
*Hubs The Great mopped the kitchen floor AND cleaned the garage Wednesday while I was sleeping.
*No ladies, he's not available, and his brother is happily married too.  Should have beat me to him.
*I found out today that we get to take Sweet Girl to our family reunion Sat!!
*Thursday I went to a funeral for a co-worker.  She's one of the nurses that helped train me up from a student nurse to a good nurse.  She's my mom's age.  Ouch.  
*I can not figure out how my kids keep the back of the van sooooo dirty.  I cleaned it out the other night.  ICK!
*Libby seems to have made a full recovery, but I think she may have a little PTSD.  The other night I accidentally tapped her in the face with the laundry bag when I picked it up and she had a little screaming fit.  I felt awful.
*Ace still loves school.
*Bug can't stay out of the nurses office.  I'm embarrassed to say she went during recess the other day for and ice pack for her "booty" after she swung into a pole. She told us it was "really serious."
*Maybe we should get the school nurse a nice gift for Christmas this year
*Ace overheard me telling Hubs the other day about scheduling his 4 year well visit with the pediatrician.
*Last time we went to the pediatrician we had to hold Ace down while they water picked his ear wax impaction out...
*Ace is now telling everybody that asks that he is not going to turn 4 and is not having a birthday party...
because he doesn't want to go to the "DOWKTER"
*Bug is cracking me up lately with random funny faces and bits of 1st grade humor, she's still my "Miss Matter of Fact."  It seems that we will never have to wonder what's going on in that girls brain, she just says it.
*I laughed really hard today because of you tube...if you want some church humor click here and if you want some gross, sick, hilarious humor...well, I just decided not to link that one.  But Gram thought it was hilarious too.

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