Friday, October 22, 2010

Forget the Apple...

Bugs had a loose tooth for weeks.
Just a little know fact about me...
I can't stand wiggley teeth.
I know, I'm a nurse.
I can handle all sorts of grossness, but wiggle a tooth and I'm out!

So, Gram has been our tooth checker and puller of choice.
Well, this morning, Bug would not let Gram close enough to pull it.
I warned her that today was a sleeping day and I could not get up and come to school if something happened.
Much to our surprise, this afternoon at our ritual Braums trip, Bug had quite the surprise after a bite into her icecream cone. (Pistachio Almond in a waffle cone)
That's right!
Just fell out in her cone!
She was very proud and excited.
Here's the new look
(try to ignore the katsup on her face)

1 comment:

  1. katsup?? last time I checked we call it ketchup ;-)

    yay bug! I love the new look!