Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Party Animal...

Ace had a great party Sunday night.
Just a small party with our family.
In lieu of candy filled goody bags, this year I decided we'd make candy apples!
The kids loved them, and they were so easy to do!

I had several different toppings layed out in bowls.
We had chopped peanuts, sprinkles, marshmallows, and mini m&m's.
Hubs was in charge of dipping the apples and the kids each decorated their own.
It was a real hit!
After the apples were decorated we moved them to the freezer in the garage to let them set.
Well, almost all of them,
Uncle J couldn't wait.
Evidently I missed the picture of a lifetime when Hubs caught Uncle J in the garage eating his apple :)

Ace was also very excited about his cake.
Granny Lin has a signature bday present...
1 bag of monster cookies,
2 Dr peppers,
$5 in your card.
Mommy loves this present.
Monster cookies are the best.
Well, this year, Ace had different plans.
When Granny Lin asked about what cookies he wanted this year, he threw a curve ball.
He didn't want cookies...
He wanted a "phootball"cake.
He insisted.
So, she did what any respectable Granny Lin would do...
she made that boy his "phootball" cake.
And she did a great job!
He was so proud of his cake.
(and I love his cheesy grin!)
...just got called into work early, TBC...


  1. Oh how I love that Granny Lin! What a great cake!!!

    Looks like y'all had an awesome time! Sorry we couldn't be there :-(

  2. From your co-worker who called you in early: Thank you a MILLION times for helping us. We are most appreciative. We love you!