Sunday, February 28, 2010

We All Stand Amazed...

Gram has a dog.

Yes, we're all shocked.

In a quick maneuver to keep our homestead cat free this weekend

Grandpa took extreme measures.

Extreme measure in the form of a cute,





basset hound puppy.

Gram sent me a pic last night at work of the little cutie sound asleep in her lap while she was crocheting...I think they are going to make quite a pair!

Welcome to the family Lester.

You have no idea what you've just been submerged in!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little Left Out...

I had a revelation recently that I've not blogged much about Bug lately...

Just so you know, she's still a member of our family :)

I'll try to follow up with some pictures soon, but just wanted to fill you in on some of the exciting things she's been up to lately.

First, she's really taken off on her reading!!
I seem to remember learning to read in 1st grade...but we won't talk about how long ago that's been.
She's loving reading, and will read to anybody who will sit still long enough.
She was so excited to find the scripture story in her Gigi bedtime book this week in 1 Corinthians
you know, the "love is patient, love is kind..." because she knew so many of the words!
I was so proud...and so was she!
She loves that she can read bedtime stories to me now :)
Around Thanksgiving she was just filling in words in the books we read...reading "the" "and" etc...

It's also been neat to see that she's started writing in a "journal" that we found in a box the other day.
(probably purchased for less than $1 on a Target clearance endcap!)
She phonetically writes out random sentances,
which are hilarious,
and has been giving us "tests" about bigger and smaller numbers.
I'm guessing that she's regurgitating Kindergarten activies.
It's so funny to see how serious she is about the answers!

Second, she's learned to tie her shoes!!!
She's been practicing so hard.
About 3 weeks ago she was so close...
then, on the way home from BFF's house after a fun day, we had to make an emergency bathroom break at our friend and Kindergarten teacher's house...
Miss Linda was able to walk her through the step that was leaving her stumped.
The next day Bug untied and retied her shoes for anyone who would stand still and watch at church!

Then, there's the bubble blowing!
I never realized how hard it is to teach a 5y.o. how to enjoy some of lifes little perks...
like bubble blowing!
She has persevered through, and last week, blew her first real bubble!
It is so fun, as her mom, to see how proud she is of herself!!
I am still in awe of how fast she is growing and developing this year!
2010 is proving to be exciting and full of milestones already!

Bug is already informing me daily that her bday is coming soon...
In her brain, since March starts Monday, April 21st will be here Tuesday.
I've tried to set her straight, but some things just don't get through :)

Let's see...
what else...

Oh, another big milestone...
a couple of months ago Uncle Jeremy and LeighLeigh upgraded their bedroom and had an extra matress set to spare.
As embarassing as it is...both kids were still in toddler beds at the time.
We've dabbled from time to time, since we moved in Sept., at furniture shopping, but ultimately wanted to wait until we sold the old house and found the furniture we liked.
Well, Bug inherited a full sized matress,
then we found a new quilt on sale at Target...
then, one evening during my work week, Hubs mentioned a sale at a furniture store relatively near our house...and well, Bug's now the proud owner of a whole new room :)

Last week, in anticipation of picking up the furniture, Hubs and I painted her room.
I'm not even going to try to describe it will come.
But let's just say, I'm still speechless that Hubs agreed to the color scheme.
Bug is so proud of her new room, and enjoyed showing it off this week when we hosted Keno!
I'm really happy with how it turned out!

(Even happier that since getting a new bed, and now furniture, that she stays in her own room all night!!!
Which is was more than I can say for another member of our household...
who now tells random people
"I don't get no new burniture til I sweep in my own wroom"
Maybe one day!)

I guess I'll wrap up with Bug's newest revalation.
I'm not sure where it's coming from, but Bug and Ace have decided to start campaigning for a "pet inside".
In theory, inside pets are ok.
But then I remember the potty training,
the hair everywhere,
the barks and meows at random times,
the trips outside in the freezing cold...
begging a pet that won't listen to "hurry up and go before I freeze"
Then, Gram surprised us the other day with the revelation that she wants a kitten.
We've NEVER been cat people.
But then we decided to stop by Petsmart the other day to check out the ASPCA cats for adoption...
where we met "Sister"
a spry, bouncy, energetic cat that needs a home.
Now, suddenly I'm dropping hints, along with the kids, about a "pet inside"
which proves to me that I'm really loosing it...
and fast...
because as I mentioned before, we aren't cat kind of people.
The whole cat litter thing grosses me out to no end.
But Sister is cute and looks like fun.

And, it's just a guess, but I'm thinking that the absolute absence of cats in our neighborhood,
despite living in the country is a very ominous sign of the plight of an outside cat in our neighborhood.
Then, I remember a frantic phonecall to J-Rod.
One that involved a shovel,
an empty dogfood bag,
a lot of gagging...
well, I'll just stop.
Just so you all know...
J-Rod is my hero.

So, no cat at Grams yet...
our house either.
I'll probably be eternally greatful that Hubs has kept his head about this so far.
But, I've found out in our marriage that if you catch us both on a weird day...
somebody gets new furniture,
or a new car,
or any number of other random things happens...
maybe even a cat :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just To Set The Record Straight...

I wondered if Hubs still checked in on my blog...
you know, since I've been slacking lately...
but never fear, he does.

And just so you, my faithful readers know...
in my previous post
when I said Hubs taught Ace a new move
it WAS NOT bellyflop-like jump,
it was a baseball-like slide into home plate...
you know, the one where you touch the base milliseconds before the catcher touches you with the ball and you're safe!

So sorry for the confusion.
I'll try not to let it happen again!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank-you, Lord!



For the beautiful,


slightly chilly,




The day

that got my kids

and husband


Cabin fever has been REALLY bad at our house recently.

I blame it on the pretty day several weeks ago when it almost hit 70.

It was too early of a teaser...

we need spring fast...

How dare that goofy groundhog go running back in his hole!

It's just a shadow Phil, it's not like it's a coyote!


Hubs and Ace are not indoorsy boys.

They thrive on "doin work...hard work mommy...I yub it!"

But have resorted to their own,

very special,

Olympic induced,

tricks involving

massive cardboard boxes

two couches

a large living room

and an awesome daddy...

who despite mom's warnings that the next time a boy (or girl...but let's face it...she was minimally involved)

climbed on the arm of the blue couch...

up to the top of said couch...

jumped and slid down the boxes...

jumped over the new couch,

onto the ottoman,

ending with a sommersault landing onto the carpet...

and proptly repeating the process over and over...


Taught those children (demonstrated too, of course)

the finer points of an even

better trick.

One that involved a fast sprint...

(starting in the kitchen)

phasing into a quick bellyflop-style leap...

onto the boxes and across the floor...

ending, of course, at the wall.

(which I was pretty sure daddy was going to take down at one point)


And, thankfully, the weather was finally good enough for Hubs to take the "pishing poles" from V-day out of the packages so that Bug and Ace could practice their "frowing" for all the "pishing" they're going to do soon!

Please spring...hurry!

My nerves and furniture and walls just can't take much more cold, wet weather!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Very Own Security Man!

(Before I can get to the story...I have to give a little background story.)

A couple of weeks before Christmas Hubs and the kids stopped at our fav. after church lunch spot while I was at home sleeping.  As normal, Hubs stood in line to order while the kids picked out a booth, where, in a perfect world they are supposed to stay until he arrives at the table with their food.
(Just a note to paranoid can see the booth from the line.)
Being kids, they left their coats in the booth, and went to check on Hubs and their food.
Well, as they were getting ready to go, Hubs asked Ace where his coat was...this was a really nice, "cute" coat I had found on an amazing sell at Baby Gap several months before...I loved that coat.
Well, coat was gone.
People in the table next to them remembered seeing a woman walking out with a coat they were describing.
It really stinks to have to explain to a 3 y.o. what stealing is.
Why it is wrong.
Why you have to be cold now until we can get a new one.

The dumb thing is...Hubs would have given that coat to the woman had he known she needed it.

So, needless to say, Ace is a little paranoid about his stuff.
Especially coats.

We bought a new coat...2 wks before Christmas.
Cost about 3x's what the cute, on sale coat did.

Now, last week, on our normal lunch date with Nana, I'm trying to keep tabs on everybody and everything in our area...

Me: "Ace, where is your coat?  I thought you wore it in."
Ace: "I'm sit-in own it so no lady can steal it!"

How handy. (and sad)
Have anything that you don't want taken??
Forget fancy electronic security systems...
Just bring it by, Ace will sit on it for you!