Monday, February 1, 2010

My Very Own Security Man!

(Before I can get to the story...I have to give a little background story.)

A couple of weeks before Christmas Hubs and the kids stopped at our fav. after church lunch spot while I was at home sleeping.  As normal, Hubs stood in line to order while the kids picked out a booth, where, in a perfect world they are supposed to stay until he arrives at the table with their food.
(Just a note to paranoid can see the booth from the line.)
Being kids, they left their coats in the booth, and went to check on Hubs and their food.
Well, as they were getting ready to go, Hubs asked Ace where his coat was...this was a really nice, "cute" coat I had found on an amazing sell at Baby Gap several months before...I loved that coat.
Well, coat was gone.
People in the table next to them remembered seeing a woman walking out with a coat they were describing.
It really stinks to have to explain to a 3 y.o. what stealing is.
Why it is wrong.
Why you have to be cold now until we can get a new one.

The dumb thing is...Hubs would have given that coat to the woman had he known she needed it.

So, needless to say, Ace is a little paranoid about his stuff.
Especially coats.

We bought a new coat...2 wks before Christmas.
Cost about 3x's what the cute, on sale coat did.

Now, last week, on our normal lunch date with Nana, I'm trying to keep tabs on everybody and everything in our area...

Me: "Ace, where is your coat?  I thought you wore it in."
Ace: "I'm sit-in own it so no lady can steal it!"

How handy. (and sad)
Have anything that you don't want taken??
Forget fancy electronic security systems...
Just bring it by, Ace will sit on it for you!

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