Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My kid is quick...

Tonight I cooked dinner...
(yes, I stoop to that level sometimes)
(Come on, we live in the country...at least 10 min to McD's and farther for real food!)
(Oh, and I was still in PJ's...)
(I don't want to give you the impression I'm totally on top of it all the time...or ever!)
Here is what happened.

I prepare two plates of PW Chicken Spaghetti...
add extra cheese, which increases the liklihood of it being eaten by Miss Picky
Place forks on said plates
gather cups with prefered beverages
Milk and Juice

Present dinner to Bug and Ace...

Me:  Ok, guys it's time to eat...
Bug:  What is it??
Me: It's Chicken Spaghetti.
Bug:  Do I like Chicken Spaghetti??
Me:  Of course, you LOVE Chicken Spaghetti, it's yummy...eat it!!  ;)
Bug: (takes a bite)...Wow mommy this is great I love Chicken Spaghetti...
Me:  (smile and get my own plate)


I'm thinking GEEZE what is going on over there...

Me:  Geeze what is going on over there Ace?!?!
Ace:  "Dares" Chicken In HERE!!

Me:  Yes, dear...it's Chicken Spaghetti...it has Chicken in it...
Ace:  Wow, I yub Chicken!

I'm predicting a rocket scientist here :)
What do you think!

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  1. PW's Chicken Spaghetti DOES rock. It's the right blend of cheesy goodness that makes my cellulite sing!