Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Crazy Christmas...

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that Hubs and I have crazy schedules...
We've learned to go with the flow.
Last year we both worked Christmas Day, so we were pampered with 5 Christmas get togethers on 5 different days, it was great, just a little confusing for the kids on day 6 when we weren't headed anywhere to open more presents.

Well, this year...not so fortunate.
5 Christmases in 1 day is not ideal.

Yes, I did say 5.
Who do you tell no...if anyone can answer me that, I'll bring you some homemade ding dongs!

So, while we were blessed and excited to both be off this Christmas Eve and Day, it had it's drawbacks.

The excitement was palpable at our house Christmas Eve!
Unfortunately our Christmas Eve service at church was canceled due to inclement weather, but we celebrated at Nana's house with our family and headed home to get ready for Santa.
Bug was particularly excited because we have a chimney this year!

So, those cookies we talked about earlier were carefully laid out by the mantle...

Note the assortment of milk?
Bug and Ace each got to pick out their favorite cookie.
When it came to milk, there was a little disagreement on which kind Santa liked...
you see, Bug is a milk purest...she only takes hers white and cold,
Ace prefers chocolate, doesn't really care for white milk at all.
So Santa was a winner this year, a little of both!  :)

For those of you wondering if the Transformers bike Ace said Santa "stole" from Walmart ever surfaced...

It did indeed!!
Along with a Hannah Montana one for Bug!
Everyone was super excited!!

helmets were placed...excitement was high...


they realized that our house looked like this...
and our driveway was a sheet of ice.

Anyone excited about the first "White Christmas" in our area in decades...
didn't get a bike for Christmas!

Thankfully our livingroom is big enough for some beggining bikers to take a few circles before it's time to shower and move to the next place!

Next stop was Granny and Poppys, then Hub's Memaw...
We beat the crowd to Memaws and were able to get a good family picture!

and a couple of sweet ones too...

my kids love Memaw's and do a great job of entertaining her by dancing, singing and being generally goofy for her.
It reminds her of two other goofballs who are all grown up:)

Next stop was my Granmother's
where the kids were greeted with a snowball fight with my of which was visiting from Sunny Florida!

(yes, my Granmother has her own park! She as a huge swingset in the front yard that is very popular with the great grandkids!)
Which, speaking of, were all there this year together.

That is proof that they all sat still for at least 5 seconds all day!

We wrapped up the day at Gram and Grandpa's.
Anybody who's been present for that experience...14 of us in one room, is testimony to it's sheer fun and chaos...I'll spare you pictures of the fun!
Imagine a 4 ring cirucus :)

 Hope you had a Crazy Christmas too!

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