Friday, January 22, 2010


Right after Christmas we enjoyed a visit and dinner with our friends from Missouri.
J and I have been friends since we were born about 4 wks apart and grew up around the corner.
She and her husband met at the same school Hubs and I did, and actually I have her hubby to thank for meeting Hubs...he invited him to come shoot pool at the BSM where my mom works, which led him to meeting back-from-fancy-snooty-college with bad grades me :)
Oh, how God works his little miracles!


J&J moved away after they got married many moons ago...we really miss them!
Hubs and I try our best to go visit them at least once a year, and since they have 2 kids, a girl and a boy about a year each behind our kids, it is always an exciting thing for the whole family!
Between our visits to them, we usually get to hang out when they come home on holidays to visit family.

Anywhoo, anywhoo...sorry if that's too much background...
can't help it sometimes.
As of late, I can't talk much...ACE seems to be a neverending source of words and noise.
If he's not talking he's just making noise.'


Ok, story...title War...

ACE recieved what I call his arsenal for Christmas...
It's nerf guns galore at our house.
I will be finding small orange darts randomly around our house for the next 30 years I'm afraid.
And what's better than a nerf gun war, especially among friends?


And since dad's can't stand to miss out on the fun...and of course since they are both super fun dad's,
this is what happened after dinner!

Hey, guys, what's going on??

Oh, I see...Hubs and his 30gazillion-shot super nerf gun...

What are you guys going to do??

Yikes, it's a charge!!
Run, kids, run!!

What you may ask did my living room look like after this exciting war?
After J did a running, sliding, super maneuver onto the kitchen tile.

So nice of you to ask...

Darts everywhere!

It's what they do for fun :)

Here's a few shots of the kids...
all but the one that our dear friends are expecting.
Yes, a #3.
Did you hear that Hubs...
a family of 3 kids.
What a concept!

I love you Hubs :)

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