Monday, January 11, 2010

A Sentimental Surprise...

Three years ago our family was devastated when Granmother and Pop's house was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.  Most everything was lost, but we are eternally greatful that Granmother and Pop (home at the time) were able to get themselves out safely.

You can't help, after an event like that to wish for something that was lost.  There were countless antiques, heirlooms, and memories inside those walls...I mean, geez, think of your own grandparent's house!
Thanks to the wonderful Volunteer Fire department, a few things were saved, but damaged badly.

I hadn't really given much thought to this in a while.
But, evidently, a few members of our family have been hard at work.

Grandad, who passed away just 2 months after Hubs and I were married, was a farmer and avid hunter.  I have great memories of riding the tractor in his lap, picking grapes, and hearing stories of the dear lease.  The boys in our family were most upset about Grandad's gun cabinet, which was not fireproof.
My uncle, "Big D", surpised the 4 grandsons with a random drawing and each one recieved a restored gun that had belonged to Grandad...

they were surprised and greatful.
We all enjoyed Granmother's retelling of which one's she'd used to shoot armadillos and coyote's with,and explain to the boys when Grandad had obtained each one.
They, of course, had to promise never to try to shoot these because they were so badly damaged, and were all thankful.

Then it was the girl's turn.
I had heard wisperings of gun restoration, but was completely floored by this...

Those are all pieces of one of my Granmother's hand crocheted bedspreads.
Granmother taught me how to crochet...which springboarded my knitting later on.
She ALWAYS had a crochet project going in a bag next to her recliner.

My amazing aunt...AKA "Granny Lin" has evidently spent a good part of the years since the fire salvaging these pieces and restoring them to give to us.
I can't imagine how she did it, but they are amazing!
(Just like she is!)
Sure, there's some smoke damage and singed areas, but they are intact...and I am truly greatful to have mine!

And, because I KNOW Granny Lin is an avid reader,
I'll say again, "Thank-YOU!" again!
This was truly the most kind and thoughtful thing!
And proof that our family is full of some "Wicked-Cool" not just knitters, but crocheter's too!

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