Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Tried To Get Us A Guest Blogger...

But he looked at me like I was stupid.

So, Hubs came home from shopping last Sunday very excited, 
very excited, and going on and on about pictures and my blog.
Call me cornfused!
Usually the only things he says about my blog are complaints about his picture being there...
and accusations of embellishments.
There are none...just so we're straight on that.
Facts only here...
I can't help it if our life is that crazy sometimes.


OK, now for Hubs' story.
He'd been sick, didn't feel up to church, so he dropped off the kids and picked up some groceries I needed for the party later that day.
When he stopped to get gas at the WM he pulled up by the Gator Country truck.
Gator Country has their own show on CMT,
Hubs and the kids love the show
(which I think was named Gator 911, but we're not 100%, and can't agree)
(I know, insert smart comment here....)
Hubs asked the guy if he could take a pic of the truck to show the kids when he picked him up and he said yes, then went' above and beyond...
Check it out...

(I'll bet you guys didn't know Hubs could smile that big!)

Hubs said Gary Saurage was a really nice guy,
he even told Hubs if he could brink the kids to his show later that afternoon, he'd work them into his show!
Unfortunately there was no way they could make it because of Ace's party.

So that's Hubs' story.
We'll just pretend he agreed to guest blog.
Thank-you, dear for thinking of my blog when you saw the Gator Country truck!
We appreciate ya!

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