Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why You Should Listen To Your Husband...

Sometimes, as wives, we just don't listen as well as we could.
We smile and nod, say "OK, sure honey."
Well, from now on I'm going to be a little more careful.

Way back, eons ago, in July, Hubs told me
"This is the Ranger's year.  I need you to know that if they go to the World Series I'm going to buy a big TV and watch them in HD."
Well, I said "OK, sure honey." and never thought about it again.
Hubs brought it up again when the Rangers started playing Tampa Bay in the play offs.
Once again, "OK."
I mean seriously.
I've been a Rangers fan for a big chunk of my life,
we all know that it's fun to go to games, but the win some and loose some, and never get past the first round of the playoffs.
Except, of course, the one time I didn't really want them to.

So, I've heard that facebook (which I do not endorse at all) has been all a-flutter.
I don't think they actually made a group for him, but once Hubs posted this little wager, he's had a lot of people rooting for him.


So, to everybody that's been wondering if I'm good on my word...
I am.
To quote Hubs, here's your 
"55 inches of LED HD Gloriousness"
right in my living room.

He'll be parked here on the couch with buddies tonight by 7pm.
Don't call him, he'll be busy :)

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  1. Just be glad you didn't give an okay to the new truck he has been begging for. I think you got out pretty cheap!
    Love, Mom