Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Gospel...

According to Ace.

First, just let me get 2 things out of the way really quickly...
1.) I'd like to apologize to the Rangers, and all their fans, for the apparent curse the new TV put on the World Series.  We feel really bad, but we're not returning the TV.
2.) So sorry, to all you kind fans, for the blogging hiatus.  It won't happen again (you know, until it does.).

So, Wednesday morning, on the way to school from Gram's house, the kids decided that they wanted to run through some of their memory verses.
Happily, Bug memorized her whole Children in Action scripture this month and didn't need any help!
Ace's Wee School scriptures are stickered to the back of his folder, so Bug would read them off and he would chime in at random...
(and this was one of these things that makes me wish I had a video camera pointing to the back of my car like the one in Cash Cab.)
He pointed his pointer finger up in the air and pronounced
"Here's one Bug...
"You got ta be KIND to won anoder,
and when da phire awarm gowes offpf 
you got ta get owt ob the building phast....
and you better NOT get out ob da wine!"
I think that's just how Jesus would have said it!
You know, if there were actually "phire awarms" in the bible.
He'd want us to stay in line and be safe.

So, I just giggle a little inside and told him he was doing a great job.
And Jesus really does love it when we're kind to one another!

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