Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Few Questions Answered...

(Ok, I'm reposting this with a disclaimer...
it was not intended to be rude, bad-natured, or snarkey.
Just meant to answer some questions that kept coming up.
I decided to repost it because I've had more people complain that I took it down than I expected.
Just know it wasn't meant to hurt feelings or anything like that.)

There seem to be a few questions floating around, so I'll answer a few...
*When are we due?
   July 4th
*Are we crazy?
 No, we don't think so.
*What about Bug and Ace?  
They are over the moon excited.
*How long have you known?
  Several weeks, and yes, it's been a very hard secret to keep.
*Was this planned? 
 While I think that's a little rude, I'll assure you it wasn't an accident.
*How am I feeling?  
Excited, and actually haven't been sick like the last 2 times, which, oddly enough has been a little unnerving.
*How did I change Hubs mind/win the battle/manage negotiations? 
This is the most popular question, because Hubs has been very verbally opposed to more children...he plays a good part.  He's just as excited as the rest of us.
*Why did I let Hubs put the news out on Facebook? (esp since I hate Facebook)
  Well, Hubs was excited and had teased me about posting it since we found out, I figured I'd let him have his fun.  It's been amusing to look at the comments he's gotten.
*Why did we keep it a secret so long?
   Well, I'm just weird like that.  I wanted to let the kids know first, but wanted to make sure that everything was OK, so we waited until we had been to the doctor and seen the heartbeat.  We actually didn't tell Bug about Ace until we found out he was a "Brudder", but she was 2 then...not 6 & 4.
* Why another one, you have one of each?
  Well, nosey again, but I don't think there's anything wrong with having as many kids as you feel led to have, especially if you can take care of them.  I, personally, have never felt like Ace was our last baby (and am also the oldest of 4, so big families aren't all that strange to me).  Yes, I know babies are expensive, and that we have weird schedules, and while I can't do anything about the first, our schedules won't be so tricky soon, we hope.

So, that about wraps it up for now.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
Just know we are very excited and looking forward to meeting our new family member!
Thanks for all of your love and support.

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  1. Love your post! We are SUPER excited for you guys! You're doing what's right for your family and that's all that matters. Believe me I feel the same aggravation when people ask, are y'all really only going to have one? AUGH! Makes me crazy! I just want to tell them that if we decide to have more, we'll tell you when we're pregnant otherwise, we are perfectly happy with the way our family is now! Okay I'll get off my soap box now. Super excited for you guys though! Can't wait! Connor loves his cousins!