Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today was a great day!!

Today was a great day!
Today was my bday...29th...
Today somebody forgot to remind ACE that sleeping in was mandatory
Today I was totally blessed by delivering lunches to 23 very grateful and smiling kids
Today I ate lunch with Nana and the fam
Today Hubs and I went looking at houses...again
Today the Beatles sang me Happy Birthday!!
...Ok, maybe not the real Beatles, but close enough...
Hubs was nice enough to take the kids to Kroger and let them pick out a bday cake for me...

And they also picked me up some "Sparkly Jewels" that Bug insisted I "HAD TO HAVE"....

Then she proceeded to wear them the rest of the day...

We wrapped up our day at Hot Summer Nights (a family friendly concert series our city sponsors during the summers on Thurs nights) and I sang along to all my fav Beatles songs!!!

We had the best time at the concert...the band, that mostly sang Beatles songs, was amazing...the weather was beautiful and the kids danced and played so hard, they never got out of bed tonight!!
What could make a girls bday any better, you ask??
Hubs and the kids surprised me last week with a brand spankin' new Amazon Kindle!!
That's right I have the most amazing Hubs ever!!
I totally love my Kindle, and have really enjoyed some great books since getting it!

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