Saturday, April 10, 2010

Berry much fun!

I thought it would be a fun, family activity to have a garden this year...
you know, since we have somewhere to put one now.

We have been having a fun, hardworking time.

Last week we started with some blueberry and blackberry plants along the "dog yard" fence.
One of our fav summer activities is going to a local berry patch and picking berries, so the kids were very excited about having their own berries at home!
While digging our holes Hubs came across this monster...
the Uberworm!
Yes, worm, not snake!

It was, to quote Bec
"a worm of epic proportions"

We quickly returned him to the dirt...

and said our goodbyes.
Encouraging him to continue his path in life!

And now, despite the consequences...
a random pic of Hubs!

Our hero worm catcher and hole digging extrordinaire!
Because, we just need a little more Hubs around here...our blog is lost without him :)
And no, honey, in advance...I will not take your picture off of my blog!

More gardening to come...
because I just realized this whole post veered off course into a worm exhibit...
so sorry!

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