Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Beach...

I know it's been a few weeks since our trip,
but I've got to share a few of my fav pics from our morning at the beach!

I showed off my fav feet last week
(more for Gram than anything...
random fact about Gram,
she loves little feet!)

But, we had a fun time at the Padre Island beach with BFF, her boys, Aunt Christel, baby B and BFF's inlaws.

Here's a few of our memories...
Not really a comforting message.
Especially when your skittish kindergartener is starting to read!

It was cold and windy...we were all barefooted with jackets :)

my hardworker

Sometimes I love that he can't stay still...only sometimes!

Only boys find this neat and not creepy!

If only for one pic everybody could just PLEASE look at the camera!

This was our one glimpse of the sun...
before being run of the beach by a thunderstorm.

BFF found these cute kites for all of the kids!
They loved them!
Until the lightning started and we had to run to the cars!
We made it back just in time.

So, we felt a little cheated on our beach experience...
the kids and I are now bugging Hubs to death about a return visit...
one including warmth, sunshine and sandcastles!
I think we're wearing him down!

Here's my last 2 favs!

She has got to be the cutest thing that's happened!
Well, happened since these two...

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