Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Snatcher...

So, one of my fearless co-workers, after a hard week at work, some of which was spent by Labor nurses wanting to beat their heads against a wall, vented blogged...
I just want to send out a good old fashioned baptist AMEN from the back of the pews.
I hate weeks that end up more frustrating than rewarding...
then I read the first chapter of this book and was put in my place.
Lets just say this heart is being worked on and my brain is being blown by some of the directions life could take.

In other news...
apparently, after 3 years of randomly blogging about our little-ole-life, I have reached my maximum number of pictures or gigabytes or mega pixels or something.
The short of it is that I can't post pics right now.
But fret not.
There is a big celebration at my place that will have to be blogged about...
so I'll fix it.
It's not every day that somebody awesome graduates from "dead school"!

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