Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year...

So, I just spent an hour going through all of 2010's blog posts.
I remembered a lot.
We were very busy last year.
We traveled a lot,
had some good times.

I also read another blogger's new years post...
I'm going to copy a little.
I'm not making resolutions or big plans.
The lump of my plans are already made for me.
The whole weight loss thing is moot,
and lets face it, I'm not going to blog everyday.
I'm just going to sit back and enjoy things.
Enjoy the last half of 1st grade,
let the 1st grader read to me a lot.
Enjoy every second and milestone of this pregnancy,
because it's a gift, and most likely the last.
Enjoy the bright faced red head who makes me giggle,
and just as often makes me crazy.
Enjoy my husband who is most graciously taking great care of me and the kids while I've not been as on top of it as I'd like to be.

We're excited about 2011.
There's lots of great stuff in store
and, of course we know, plenty of challenges as well.
Hope you all can spend some time reflecting and looking forward too!
We love you all!

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