Friday, April 6, 2012

Good ol Groupons...

A week or so ago, while doing my daily exploration of my Groupon App, I came across one that caught my eye...50% of admission to the "Butterflies in the Garden" exhibit at the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens.
This one caught my eyes for 2 reasons:
1.)Butterflies are really neat
2.)Aunt Bec is in Ft Worth and we hadn't seen her preggo belly in a couple of weeks
3.)We haven't done anything fun as a family lately.

So, I mentioned something to Hubs,
he didn't look at me like I was crazy
(which he does frequently when I suggest things)
and I snatched that deal right up.

And it was SOO awesome!
The exhibit was (it think) a 10,000 sq ft "greenhouse" full of plants and butterflies.
We learned a lot of new things too
Grandpa is a "Butterfly Whisperer"

He had about 10 butterflies land on him, and one or two had to be removed by the exhibit workers before we left the exhibit!
I guess Grandpa was extra sweet that day!

We also learned that butterfly exhibits are hot and extra HUMID!
Geez Louise!
We were all a hot and sweaty when we got out of there!

Turns out that Carlos gets the bad Humid Hair!
Put him in some humidity or make him sweat,
that blondish, reddish, straight hair goes crazy curly :)

Also, turns out, nobody in my family knows how to look at the camera for a pic...
and I totally should have taken the silly Mei Tai carrier off for the family pic.

So, after we'd had our fill of Butterflies, we headed out into the gardens.
As you can see above, for once in my life I thought ahead.
I knew I wanted to try to get some pics of the kids together, so I bought some matchy, matchy shirts!
(Silently patting myself on the back!)
It turned out great!
 (Except when NOBODY looks at the camera!)
I have recently WAY lowered my expectations of "perfect" kid pics!

There were some good ones too...

Thank-you Groupon, for such a fun family day.
Wouldn't have known about the exhibit without my hand app!

(P.S. Groupon has no clue who I am or that I loved this Groupon...
they didn't ask me to say any of these lovely things :)  )

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