Monday, March 29, 2010

Future Firefighters...

**Disclaimer...sorry for the poor picture quality.  I had to steal this pics off of my phone. The mother of the year award goes to me for not thinking to take my camera on this outing.  So sorry!**

BFF and I have hubby's with weird hours.
Mine, of course, disappears every third day to "Hewlp dim people on de abalance"
and hers works long hours coaching high school sports.

So, whenever we can, we spend our husband-less evenings getting out with the kids.
Of course, if we were really smart, we'd get away huband-less and kid-less every once in a while....
but I guess a girl can dream!

One of our recent outings was to Hub's new firestation.
This firestation is pretty neat.
It's "green"
and huge.
Which, I'm not sure that those two neccissarily go together...
but we won't tell the city :)

Hubs showed the kids around the firehouse and then showed them all of the firetrucks.
If you've never toured your local firestation, I highly recommend it.
It's really cool.

Then all of the kids got to shoot water out of the hose!
Ace was not impressed with the loud sounds of the water pump,
but eventually was ripped from my arms with encouragement from Hubs
decided to try it out.

He was glad, after the fact, that he tried it out.
Which Hubs was glad for...I mean, what respectable fireman has a strapping son afraid of a little water hose?

Oh, and what trip to the firestation is complete without your very own firehat?

Not a one!
That's K...
you can't get that kid to be serious for anything!


The biggest excitment of all came when the tones went off for a grass fire and we got to see all of the guys jump into action!
The kids got a kick out of seeing Hubs put on his grass fire gear...

(BFF got the whole thing on video, but sadly, I don't have a copy.)
and jump into the truck...

(Geez, have I ever mentioned how much I love a guy in uniform...or maybe it's love my guy in uniform...hmm?)

then they rode off to the fire,
but returned soon.

And I can't help but show off this one.
Poor Bug...
She's always surrounded by boys!
But she never misses an opportunity to show them her wicked cool skills!
This pic cracks me up.
She had just seen Hubs demonstrate how to use this particular piece of equipment in the gym and had to give it her best try.
She is one tough cookie...
or at least she gives it her best effort!

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  1. I love those kids!
    ...and you too, I guess ;-)
    By the way...cute new background!