Sunday, February 13, 2011


Believe it or not, we are officially half-way through this preggo adventure.
I haven't written a lot about it here, but I haven't really written about much here recently.
(Just in case you haven't noticed.)

Second Trimester has included some nesting.
Finally finished Bug's room
(one year later)
I've never been satisfied with it since we put in the real furniture.
It was like a path around furniture.
Also, we had never put the trim between paint colors.
So, one Saturday when Hubs was away...
having his brand of fun, looking for TX Rangers,
the kids and I emptied out Bug's room and rearranged it.
My lovely Chiropractor was not a fan of this project :)

We tried the furniture 2 new ways, and wound up with this...

Still not ideal, but there's definitely more room.
The other problem with this room is lack of storage.  
The closet is a nice size, so Hubs added some shelves, still leaving plenty of room to hang up clothes, and also hung the trim...
The room looks much better, in my opinion.
Also, with storage space I was able to cross off phase one of the "Toy Room Transition".
Hubs and I are at odds about wether we'll be maintaining a toy room or making a nursery.
Regardless of what ends up happening, the toy room was in dire need of a purging.
And Purge I did.
The chest of drawers is filling up with little odds and ends we've picked up recently, along with some of our old stuff that Aunt C has started sending back now that Sweet Girl is growing at unprecedented rates!
Oh my! Such a sweet thing.

And, since I've just realized that this is more of a random, hodge podge, picture adventure, instead of a preggo memoir here's a few more random pics...
I picked up this cute sign/picture/plaque thing on a date with Aunt Bec a couple of weeks ago.
It matches some paintings already in my living room.
I was super excited, but now trying to find somebody to come tell me what color to paint the living room, which is on my nesting list.
Living room is in some major need of paint...and distressed hardwood floors
(that happen to be way out of my budget...sad day.)

And here's some random kidness...
Bug chowing down on some messy ribs the other night.
She ended up way more dirty, but this was after the first bite.
I haven't seen her eat so much in a while!

And here's ACE the Incredible...
Yesterday afternoon he and Hubs were working outside.
After all of the snow and ice we've had the last couple of weeks our yard is a muddy mess.
It's rare that he poses for pics, but amusing when he does!

So, to bring us back, full circle, I'll wrap up with a few preggo tidbits.
This kid...aka "Carlos"is proving to be strange.
Carlos does not like Dr. Pepper or any other carbonated beverage.
He prefers tea with Splenda.
If you don't give him tea by early afternoon, he puts off a headache.
I am not, normally, a head ache kinda girl.
Carlos does not like lactose...bad, bad, bad.
Carlos has been moving around for a few weeks now,
he's most active in the evenings.
Carlos loves Little Debbie.
I might or might not have a stash next to the bed.
The family is loving Carlos's penchant for Little Debbie's too.
Ace asks regularly if he can be my "Nutty Buddy".
Maternity jeans do not stay up.
I thought it was just me, but Aunt C verified this fact Friday.
One of my patient's mother asked me last week if I was having twins...
I politely responded No.
Some of us just started out fat, and have a uterus that, by kid 3, has given up.
Other things have given up too.
I'm sticking to my guns about not finding out the gender,
Hubs thought he could make the Dr. tell him, the Dr. just laughed at him.
Ace told Gram and Grandpa this afternoon that if 
"Carwos is a gwirl, he and daddy get to buy a new guwn."
I just shook my head.
Have I ever mentioned that I had to buy Hubs a new pair of shoes the day we found out Bug was a girl?
He was flabbergasted.  It never crossed his mind that he could ever have a girl.
Didn't much like me pointing out that the gender is his "contribution".

Anywhoo, that's us this week.
Hope you are all well.

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