Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland...

I'm sure you've all heard.
We've had bad weather.
If school is closed again tomorrow, I'm going to cry.

After days of ice, Friday brought us a nice, thick blanket of snow and warmer weather.
So, after getting home from work (Hubs) and a sleep over at Gram and Grandpa's (me and the kids) we ventured out in our neighborhood.

We went across the empty lot next to us and across the street to see this flock of geese that we've been hearing for days.
Ace got a kick out of these ducks too.

Then, of course, there were some snowballs thrown around.
against them :)
it was fierce!

We made a snow angel family also!
We had a great time, and the kids were not ready to come in and thaw out.

Also, while downloading the card I came across these...
To relieve some cabin fever while I was at work this week,
Hubs and the kids went to a Texas Ranger's signing event.
They had a great time.
There's no pic of Ace because he HATES characters.
I think Hubs said, at this point, he was up on his shoulders to get away.
We're still very proud of our Rangers!
(There were also some pictures, of what I'm guessing are Rangers, but I have no idea who they are.  I'm sure they were very important though.)

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  1. I love the snow pictures. Is the "path" around Haley making the snow angel from Libby? I need to post the video of them sledding with Grandpa.