Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

So, I'm behind.
I stay that way lately!

We've been soaking up spring and all of the warm weather around here.
The garden is mostly planted, 
weeds are taking over the yard,
flip flops and shorts are pulled out.

We had a great time the beginning of spring break last week...
Yes, we packed up in "Miss Leiann's" camper and hit the lake along with Gram, Grandpa and several of our other friends.
We spent the weekend gathered around the campfire, cooking lots of food, fishing, and playing in the sand.

The kids on fish fry night.
this fish was not fried...
when the kids started fighting, Hubs gave them a hole digging challenge...
he was shocked when it kept them busy for a chunk of the afternoon.
Buster and Libby had a bone keep-away game on the beach that made us all laugh.

Unfortunately, that's all of the pictures I have from the weekend.
I'm slacking big time in the picture department.
We really enjoyed camping...
Hubs and the kids want our own camper now and don't understand why this just isn't the summer...

We're going to be busy!
This is a profile of "Carlos"
our still gender unknown, un-named baby,
who is set to arrive during high camping season this summer.
Mommy and Carlos are in agreement that we won't be up for camping this year.
Maybe 2012 will be the year of the camper.

Camping was just the beginning of our Spring Break fun,
we went and spent the day with Aunt Bec, 
(waiting to borrow some pics from Aunt C before I share that day)
Oh, and I got to take the 3 hr glucose test while working one day.
Thankfully, I am not diabetic, but I now know how bad a blood sugar of 49 makes you feel. 

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