Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Birthday Girl...

This sweet, adorable, dark haired angel recently did something that blew my mind...

That's right...
Bug, against my better judgement, because it's just not right that she could already be 7,
turned 7 recently!
She asked for a "3 step cake"
 We celebrated with a "small" family party at home.
I tease with small, because there's really nothing small about our family.
She also did something very brave to celebrate another year...
She bravely
(and I giggle a little when I use that term because it took 2 trips, BFF, and some bribery to accomplish this feat)
picked the most expensive ear rings in the case (of course)
climbed into the chair
stared fear in the face
She was so proud of herself!
I was proud too!
Now she's just counting down the weeks until she can change them out.

Happy Bday BUG!
I love you so much, and am loving watching what an exuberant young lady you're becoming!

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