Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bluebonnets and Randomness...

I posted a few pics of Ace in the bluebonnets recently, but have plenty more complements of Grandpa.
Several weeks ago, when we were keeping Sweet Girl for a few days, we headed out with all the grandkids, Gram and Grandpa for a photo shoot with his fancy new camera.
(Not that I'm shallow enough to get camera envy, but it's super amazing!)
Here's a few of my favorites...

Of course, there's not a single one with everybody looking at the camera,
and Sweet Girl doesn't like to do things that weren't her idea to begin with.
Imagine that :)

Gram with her redheaded wonders.
Me and my goof nuts!

And for some randomness...
(mostly related to "Carlos")
We bought a box of diapers this week...Hubs idea.
I freaked him out a bit last week by bringing up how much $$ we could save using cloth diapers.
I'm huge.
I might or might not post a pic to prove it.
Carlos spent all day Easter Sunday flipping over to vertex (head down) presentation.
While I'm really happy about this, Easter Sunday was a miserably uncomfortable day...
My nephew informed my mom this week that we won't know what my baby is after it's born.
He knows this because all babies are born with short hair, so we won't be sure for a while :)
He's hilarious.
He's also a secret spy for the CIA!
You think I'm joking, but I'm not.
I'd tell you to ask him, but it's a secret.

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