Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lake Days!

We're almost to the big D day.
I don't think I could feel any more pregnant.

So, it makes very little sense in my brain why we've just spent 3 solid days at the lake.
Except that Hubs is out of pocket this weekend...
leaving me strict instructions NOT to go into labor until after Tuesday when he's back...and Gram (AKA my MOMMY) and Grandpa hauled their camper out to the lake.

I've found that very pregnant girls hover close to their mothers.
You could probably do a scientific study about it.

So, big, huge, pregnant me has been chillin at the lake under the shade drinking gallons of cold water while the rest of the family swims, builds sand castles and fishes.
It's actually been pretty fun.
Except for the heat.
it's been high 90's.
Oh, and the sand that gets where it ought not to.

Here's a little peek.

These are just a few with my phone...
I'm not brave like Grandpa.
I did not take the new fancy camera to the beach.
One day I may swipe the card from his camera and get super fancy beach pics.

And now, I'll let sweet girl demonstrate how we're all feeling after such a beach filled weekend...


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