Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 months

Carlos, you are 5 months old!
Gram can't believe it, and neither can we!

You have grown into quite a mover and grabber...
Oh, and gnawer too!
You constantly chew your hands, or other peoples hands around you...
and Oh, the drool.

At your last Dr appointment you were 
15lb 12oz (50th%)
27in (95th%)
You're probably going to be tall!
You are wearing 3-6 and some 6-9mo clothes
(mostly bigger pants for the extra length)
We are still squeezing you into size 2 diapers
(we still have 3 unopened packages, but may soon pack those up for Bec and move on to 3's)

You have had many firsts this month.
You had surgery :(
Your first (hopefully of many) World Series
Your first Halloween
(Uncle J-Rod snuck popcorn in your monkey!)
Your first Balloon Festival

You were mesmerized by the lights!
You've also, much to Daddy's great delight, tasted your first "real foods"
It was hard to resist with a face like this...
Then there was all of the begging and the infamous Dr. Pepper Dive!
So far you've had rice cereal and bananas,
and there's no going love your food!
You are so happy!
You smile, and laugh and cackle all the time.
We love you so much!

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