Monday, November 21, 2011

Pumpkin Pie...

Ace decided this year that he wanted to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
No problem, I think to myself, easy peasy, it comes in cans!
But no, Ace then goes into great detail about getting pumpkins and scooping out seeds.
So...we made it a day!
Here, I present to all of you...
First, we got our pumpkins, cut them up, and scooped them out.
(Hubs and I helped out with the cutting...
for obvious reasons)
Then we put it on a pan and baked it.

While the pumpkin was cooking, we moved on to our next project.
Now, I was taught "Old School" by the amazing Granmother...
no need for that fake stuff when you've got Crisco, flour and a glass of ice water!
 I went over the basics,
we measured everything out,
and Ace went to work with the dough cutter...
 My Joy Boy did it great!
Then he rolled out the dough...
I helped him with evening it out and putting it on the plate,
then demonstrated the finer points of Granmother's edge crimping...
 He's a fast learner!
(in full disclosure, we didn't quite bake it long enough and ended up having to steam it after we peeled the skin to get it soft enough to puree)
While we baked the crust, we moved back to the pumpkin...
 We loaded it up in the food processor
and pureed away!
This is what we ended up with...
In went our other ingredients...
(Can't believe he kept posing!)
in the oven it went!

While baking,
I took a minute to scoop up the extra puree into small servings to use as baby food later!
I've been researching baby food making lately.
Anticipating that Carlos will be another big eater :)

Ok, back to the pie...
It turned out great!
Ace took it to Thanksgiving Dinner at church Sunday night...
It was a hit!

I am so proud of my new baker!

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  1. That is so much fun! I'm proud of him, too :-)
    And proud of mommy for saving the leftovers for babyfood....very resourceful!