Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bad Day/Good Day

Today was a bad day.
It started at 2:30am with a boy who woke up.
Then there was the other boy whose throat hurts and wanted to stay home.
30 minutes late to work, and it's busy...
All rooms full, what was up 9 mo ago, crazy busy.
Then there's the pt that won't cooperate.
A career as the Walmart greeter is starting to look appealing,
preggo's are highly over rated kind of day.
I told one of my Dr's to leave my patients room today.
I didn't like what he was about to say.
Dr's aren't right :)

Then, just when giving up started to seem like a good idea,
when we started getting a little silly and singing songs at the desk.
When it got to laugh, because you don't have time to cry...
I delivered a baby.
With my own two hands.

Days are crappy sometimes.
But they can't be too bad when you "catch" a new life.
Hold up a new baby and let it meet it's mommy for the first time.
I'm exhausted tonight
Exhausted and thankful for perspective.

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