Friday, February 17, 2012


Today ACE had his tonsils out.
I could live the rest of my life without having to send one of my babies to the OR again.
When I blogged about Carlo's surgery, I had lots of cute pictures and a nice story...
today was way different than that.

Ace knew what was coming.  
He did not want to part with his tonsils.
(He's never heard himself trying to sleep.)

So, we farmed Bug out to Uncle J, so he could take her to school this am, and the rest of us spent the night at Gram and Grandpa's house.  We wanted to be closer to the hospital and to not have to mess with getting Carlos out of bed at 5:30am.

Once we arrived at the surgery center Ace shut down.
He sat on the bed, covered himself up with his hooded blanket and watched Power Rangers on my phone. 
He refused to speak to anybody.
Thankfully, we had a lot of familiar faces...
our pre-op nurse lives in the house behind Gram and Grandpa, and the Anesthesiologist is one that I have worked with since I started in L&D.
Our lovely Pastor J was there in time to pray with us over Ace and the Dr. and nurses and sat with Hubs and I while we waited.

The procedure went great!
We learned that Ace had the same problem Carlos did waking up after the anesthesia. 
(Mommy will take a sleepy kid over a screaming kid any day!)
Our post op nurse took great care of us too, and after about and hour and a half we were headed home...where he slept, literally, all day long.

He's been a trooper.
I hate to see him hurting and not feeling well,
but am trusting everybody we've talked to who has been through this before us that it'll be worth the hassle to feel better, and hopefully sleep better too! 

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