Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 months...

Carlos, you are 9 months old!
 You are growing so fast, 
and having so much fun!
Sorry I couldn't resist posting that face...
I bumped you in the head with the camera about the fifth time I had to put you back in the corner of your bed while trying to get one good pic
(I know, the things we do for Gram)
You couldn't decide if you were going to cry or not!
And I just realized what your shirt says!  FUNNY!
You are on the move ALL OF THE TIME!
You are pulling up on everything,
and have even started letting go to stand on your own and "jumping" between two objects...specifically the TV table and the dog crate.
You are also into everything. 
This month you discovered the dog bowls,
the hall bathroom,
and one of your favorite activities is finding and chewing on Nerf Darts.
Thanks to Ace's favorite activities, you are never at a loss for darts to find!

I really have no clue how much you weigh, or how tall you are this month.
You are wearing size 3 diapers,
6-9 mo clothes, 
but as the weather stays warm I'm pulling out 12 mo summer outfits.
You finally have a pair of size 3 shoes,
but you make funny faces when I put them on you!

The last few weeks you have started eating more solid foods.
You tolerate puffs OK,
but love to eat small bites of canned peaches and pears
(especially when I spear them with your baby fork and you feed them to yourself)
You've also had more bites of soft table foods and sips of water and Sprite out of Mom's cup.

This is currently how I get laundry done on your ornery days...
 You've had a TON of firsts this month...
One pretty Sunday, while Daddy was working, we "pimped his ride"
and added you a baby seat.
You've enjoyed going on bike rides with the big kids!
 (Dad wasn't too thrilled, but he'll be OK!)
You also helped Bug and I with some flower planting...
 You hated your hat
(a hand me down from Bug)
But it was all I could find at the time.

You always enjoy playing with the Bigs...
 and even played with your first Barbie :)
 I've dubbed your first boo boo as
Head vs Hearth
 You also loved your first swing...
 Everybody in the park heard your giggles and squeals!
Since we've had the nice weather, 
we've had to get a bit more creative with what to do with you...
you are no longer content just to sit in the stroller,
so Miss Nat sent you a pack and play for our camping adventure,
and it's come in quite handy for home too...
 You play for the longest time while we practice baseball with Ace or work in the yard/garden, and we don't have to worry about you eating bugs or grass just yet.
This is you on your first trip to the Zoo...
I bought you a new sun hat for your first camping trip so you wouldn't be embarrassed or made fun of :)
 You are happy, fearless, and determined.
 I caught you doing this at baseball practice the other day when you knocked my keys off of the bleachers...talk about a surprise!

Wow, it's been a busy month, and I'm sure I left off a ton of new stuff.
Every day is an adventure with you these days!
Who knew we would be so happy as a family of 5?
Keep growing Baby Boy,
we are ready for what fun comes ahead!!

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