Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Brave Man...

This loving, wonderful, awesome, caring, manly man is the bravest guy you've ever come across.
What, you didn't know??
This handsome, loving, smart guy is the best son, brother, dad, uncle, friend, son in law, brother in law, husband, that you'll ever meet.
And brave.
Brave enough to be married to ME for 10 years.
Hates heights
terrified of snakes,
not fond of bad weather...
but loves me.

So, in honor of our 10 years of wedded bliss, I've decided to make a top ten list.
Yep...a sappy, goofy, love filled list

1.) If I can break it...he can usually fix it.
(you'll probably figure out soon that his list of reasons to love me would be completely different...just sayin!)
2.) The man can bake.
Ask the girls at my work...pies, cookies, sausage balls, whoopie pies, home made ding dongs...they request it, he brings it!
(and now, it's late and I'm giggling that I just admitted that my co workers like my husbands ding dongs and know he makes great whoopie (pies!))
3.) He has given me 3 beautiful children
Look at them.
A variety of beautiful, happy kids.
4.) He helps people.
Sure, it's part of his job...but, if you've got a problem he'll be one of the first people to help you out.
5.) He's patient.
The most obvious illustration is that he's put up with me for 10 years!
6.) He knows just when to lay down the law.
Lately, he's been such a stronghold in times when I've struggled.  He's got a knack for laying it out and snapping me back to what matters.
7.) He can bury me in basic math.
Laugh if you want.
I can do Algebra...he can round to the nearest dollar or figure averages at the speed of light.
8.) He switches side of the bed with me on a whim.
Translated...I can be random and discombobulated, and he's the perfect balance of going with it and reigning me in that there is.
9.) He can gut stuff.
My brothers made it clear.
Any man worth marrying had to be able to gut stuff.
10.) Even though we've given him a ton of grey hairs, he loves and takes care of his family and does it well.

Hubs and I were blessed to be able to celebrate our anniversary in our favorite vaca spot thanks to our amazing family (most especially Gram who moved into our house with the kids for a week!).
it's been an amazing journey filled with more love and laughter than a girl could ever hope for.
Thank you.

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