Thursday, August 30, 2012

He Did It...

In case you've been hiding under a rock this week, you know that the Great State of Texas went back to school this week!
I've got to say, I was none too thrilled.
I like to sleep late.
But, Ace was ready for his big day!
(Daddy was probably most ready for the day.)
Check out my fabulous Kindergartner...
 and his stylish and super 3rd grade sister...
 and his super confused and slightly lonely "brudder"
Carlos cracked me up the first day, after his nap he took to chasing poor Libby, randomly yelling out (I guess to make noise) and at one point spent a considerable amount of time in front of the dryer...
I'm guessing he was contemplating the logistics of climbing in :)

I'm so thankful for such a smooth transition back into school.
Hope everybody else's was a big success too!

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