Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blog Fail 101

Once again, I've fallen off of the blog train.
A series of events beyond my control took over and I haven't blogged.
I've failed a few things and succeeded in others.

My greatest accomplishment to date went like this...
Ace: "Hey Bug, we've got to get up early tomorrow to make it to R's birthday party at 10:00(am)"
Bug: "Seriously...I hate getting up that early"
Yup, I'll be writing a new parenting book soon titled something along the lines of
"Sleep training your kids: The anti morning approach"
"My kids are better than yours"
"I like to sleep...and my kids do too!"

So, our summer has gone like this...
Kids get out of school
Sister has a baby
Good friend gets married
Signed up for the "big bonus" plan at work that has me working a bunch-o-extra shifts
work work
birth babies, birth babies, birth babies
Carlos turns 1
Go camping
Carlos gets a hair cut
Go visit sister and nephew
Turn 32
Go on much needed date with hubby

Still waiting on 
SIL to have baby
kids back to school
Big anniversary trip.

So, I'm not going to catch up on all of that, so I'm going to take you on a brief picture tour of our life as of late.

(new nephew)
(new nephew moves, Ace's face sums up our feelings)
(kids are in a wedding)
(sums up life with my kids)
 (BE STILL MY HEART, he can't be this old)
edited out...all of the vomitting and other problems involved...
you're welcome.
A picture is worth a thousand words...
which is how many I'd need to describe this kid.
 my beach bums!
 My hot date!

Honestly, we're living life and loving it.
I remind Hubs regularly that we're 
"Living the dream, baby...
Living the dream"

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