Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sneaky, sneaky.

We did something last week that I feel bad about.
I feel bad, actually, because I didn't really feel bad at all.
We had us another first, which actually ended up feeling like old times...

Got you wondering, huh??
These two were in on it...
Well, don't tell Carlos,
but we left him behind with a sitter and went to a ball game.

We went with Ace's base ball team to celebrate the end to a great season...

The weather was beautiful and our team won.
Add in all you can eat hot dogs, nachos and Dr. Pepper...
almost perfect.

Hubs teased me a little for spending most of the night reading on my kindle,
but lets face it, when do I ever get a chance lately to read a book outside on a beautiful evening...oh, about never.

It was a great night spent with new friends and some pretty awesome kids!

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