Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Well, I'm glad you asked about our garden!
I've wanted to talk about it for a while.
Better yet, why don't I take you on a tour!

We'll start on the front garden/flower bed.
Bug got a bee in her bonnet this year that she wanted to plan and plant her own flower garden.
I thought it a bit random, but decided one Saturday while Hubs was gone that I'd humor her.
She got a $20 budget at our local nursery
 and had to agree to plant anything she picked out herself...
 She did a great job!
 Here's Ace when we started...
 she worked hard for a long time
she had to plant around a couple of random squash plants that came up after Hubs made baby food one night and threw the extra stuff out for compost!
I like a little random!
(and the mystery of not knowing what kind of squash is growing)
 Libby doing her part...
 Ace after we'd been at it a while...
 There's also 2 honey dew melon plants going in the front bed too.
After all of the pics I took, I'm not sure how I managed to miss them :)

The back porch has a few things pots...
This is what the kids got me for Mother's day!

 They pick out great stuff ;)

In the back we have 3 raised beds. 
We didn't have much success with raised beds the first time we tried them, but decided to give it another go...
turned out to be a good idea.
This was also a project that the kids and I could tackle one day while Hubs was at work.
(he's not been to keen on me and the tiller being alone with each other)
the first two are squash and zucchini.
It's kind of embarrassing, but before we moved out of town and planted a garden, I had no clue what food looked like outside of the produce section in the grocery store...
Just in case your the same way, here's the squash!

 and zucchini...
 The other raised bed has cucumbers,
 and tomatoes...
In the way back of the yard we have 3 more beds.
The first is the rest of the veggies,
These are radishes
 (with a couple of rogue cantaloupes that came back from last year...again, I love a little random)
 Here there is okra(left)
peppers, eggplant, and more squash(middle)
cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower(right)...
(I call it swiss cabbage b/c something keeps eating holes in it!)
 onions, black eyed peas, green beans and peas...
 the second bed is potatoes,
 (Hubs made me quit weeding a few weeks ago so I didn't mess with the potatoes...just didn't want you to think I'd gone lazy!)
the third bed is new this year...
cantaloupe (left), pumpkins(middle) and watermelons(right)!
There's also a grape vine back there.
This is the first year we've gotten grapes on it!

So there you have it!
So far, it's the best garden we've had yet!
It's so much work, fun and learning for the whole family.
Here's a little of our harvest so far...

Needless to say, we've eaten and shared a lot of squash, zucchini and cucumbers in the last couple of weeks!

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